Unless, of course you were ever planning on having children.

One of my daughter’s best friends, since before high school, was a young lady who did not receive the preschool vaccinations until after she was about four.  Before that time she was an absolutely normal little girl in every way.  Within a few days after she was given the vaccination cocktail she was changed.  She is now, and has been for over 20 years developmentally disabled.

After University, my daughter is now involved in teaching special classes for autistic children.   The special school breaks the enrollment down into small manageable groups of 8 or so.  My daughter has a group of 8-10 boys in the 7-13 year old range.

Every [EVERY] one of the current group of boys she has were, according to their parents [who would KNOW!] perfectly normal children BEFORE they got the vaccination cocktails!  Several of them were noticeably changed within just a few days.  All of them within a few weeks.

My daughters group is typical within this special school.   And the teachers and parents all firmly believe that it is the vaccination cocktails that are causing the developmental and autism problems!  And yet they and the rest of us are shouted down by “so-called” experts and the pharmaceutical companies.  FOLLOW THE MONEY, ALWAYS!



I was listening to several versions of the great old hymn, “Nearer My God To Thee,”  just before I started writing this tonight, in the blind, and it made me once again think about my purpose here.

Originally, I began this effort because I know what it is like to be blind spiritually and then have my eyes opened.  Now, I am also considering providing the information on the new science and “counter-culture” ideas which are actually providing a new basis for faith and knowledge of the One True God.

It still amazes me how blind I once was and how blind so many people are right now.  One test of blindness has to be; are you doing “what works.”  It should be, but obviously isn’t, obvious that we as a culture and as humankind, are NOT doing “what works.”

There are what would be called two types of atheism.  First you have the absolute atheism.  The atheist who says he is an atheist.  But the  biggest form of atheism is the functional or practical atheist.  That is the person who either says they believe in God and still lives like “the devil” or the person who says they believe in “a” God and practices anything and everything but Christianity.  I was in the second form of atheism.   Oh, I never doubted that there was a “higher power” but got all into the New Age, and pantheism, and gaia, and other crap.

It is so frustrating to read postings by atheists on other sites and to know how blind they are to reality.  I think that given a few hours and their absolute attention I could probably shake some of their “faith” [yes, atheism is a type of religion] enough that they would begin to do what I did and investigate the science and history for themselves.

It seems to me, that the comments I read from atheists on other sites fall generally into only two or three categories.

First, there are always the types who show their total ignorance of the subject by talking about the “fiction” of the Biblical accounts of the Life of Christ, or of the accounts of the Old Testament.   Those are actually the easiest lies to disprove.  I was reading such comments yesterday and someone who had obviously had my experience wrote what I am saying.  No honest person can read the deeper studies of   history and come away doubting that the historical Jesus existed.  Now whether you want to believe His claim to be God [He was executed because He told them who He was] is your problem, but to say He didn’t exist and didn’t prove who He was is just ‘country bumpkin ignorance’ and actually the easiest thing to disprove.

This brings up another sub-class of atheist, the scoffer.  I am talking about those who refuse to accept the Biblical accounts of  “miracles.”  Modern science is actually helping with this proof.   The newest physics is now beginning to predict a universe of many dimensions beyond the four we know.  7 to 11 dimensions, with a firm 9 being the last I heard, are now believed by the modern scientist.   The supernatural events of the Bible really have as much to do with multiple dimensions as anything else.  The current “miracles” which still happen regularly around us, are nothing more than the interaction with, and intervention from the other dimensions.  I am thinking that the angels [both good and fallen] appear in, lets say, just a few more of the dimensions than we are capable of being in at the present.   The glorified bodies we are supposed to get are really God extending our “being” into more dimensions.

In other words, the “miracles” of the Bible just confirm the multi-dimensionality of our universe and it’s manipulation by those outside our dimension.  And, of course, God being outside all the dimensions manipulates and controls all of them.

I keep saying, this is NOT about “religion” it is about science and history.

The last “type” of atheist is talked about a lot in the Bible.  I once read an article about a “letter” written in, I believe, the 15th century by a very important Rabbi.   I used to have a copy of the translation of this “letter” but after several divorces and moves and new computers I do not have a clue where my copy is.  Anyway, this Rabbi was talking about the fact that the “Sanhedrin” knew exactly who Christ was, but because He was not what they expected the Messiah to be or do [crush the Romans and restore Israel] they killed Him.    There is a lot of that in the current atheist.

The Bible says in the final events of the earth, there will be men who will literally be shaking their fists at God, angry, I guess, because He is breaking up their party.   Seems kind of stupid to me.

God says; “I’m God and You’re NOT!”

There isn’t one thing you or I can do to change the facts, so why not choose life instead of death?

I am not talking about being perfect.  Only one person who ever lived could do that.  I am talking about simple belief and acceptance and everything else will fall into place.

This is about doing what works, and there is only one thing that works for eternity.



I have in just the last couple of weeks resumed writing for this ‘whatchamacallit’  🙂  OK we will call it correctly, this BLOG.

I do have a couple of other jobs, one part time and one full time.  Matter of fact I have lucked out in the full time job because some folks have been FORCED to work a couple of months now @ 14 days on 1 off 14 on.  It is killing others, especially since some of it has been 12 hour shifts.

But recently I have heard several scientific investigators, including PhD.’s, hitting all around the truth and I resolved to keep trying to find time to do this.

The several scientific radio programs I heard in the past few weeks were all about the multi-dimensionality of this universe.

The long and the short of everything is that most of the confusion about “Creation” can be dispelled by some scientific and historical knowledge.  You see, it is NOT about religion.  It is all about science and history.  It is ALL about reality.

Scientists are beginning to recognize something that “True believers”  have known for centuries, although the True Believers did not realize the science of their knowledge.  Current science accepts a universe of multiple dimensions beyond our 4 known dimensions of space and time.  The implications of this small fact coupled with other knowledge goes a long way to answering the fundamental questions of creation.

I was listening to a physicist a couple of weekends ago talking about a universe of 9 dimensions.  I had written previously that the new science I had heard was a universe of from 7 to 11 dimensions. 9 makes a lot of sense.

I am sorry, but I listen to a lot of folks like Richard Dawkins and I have to laugh at their lack of understanding of even the most simple concepts.

I was going back and forth on the comment ‘page’ of an internet news site a few weeks ago, and one of the atheists made a funny comment that he knew the Bible was a complex book too deep for me to understand.  That’s a hoot!

We all know the Bible does have a level where it may be complex, such as in the original languages.  I have studied and listened to some of the original language, it is fascinating, and I am sure that the original and continuing attempts at translation are complex.

But on the most important level, the message, there is NOTHING complex.  Maybe that is why some ‘True Believers seem “simple” to non-believers.

The MESSAGE of the Bible has been designed to be extremely simple, so simple a small child can get it.

On the other hand the Bible is so incredibly deep that brilliant men spend 30 years and still cannot get their brains fully wrapped around the totality of the depth.

Everything we need to know is there in the pages of the ancient book. As a matter of fact, it is also true [because of the simplicity of the message] that no one who has read the Bible, has any excuse for denial.

The current state of science brings the funny spot for the atheist to be in.  The atheist is actually depending on outdated and failed 19th century learning and thinking while I, or even better, the typical 88 year old Southern Baptist sharecroppers widow with a sixth grade education [for example] have grounded our beliefs with 20th and 21st Century science and knowledge.  That along with the implications of Gen 1:2 and real history confirms my belief.  If an atheist knew real shame they would be shamed by their lack of knowledge and understanding.

I wish folks had my background and experience.  I was thinking about the “thief on the cross” last night.  Just think, a lifetime possibly of doing everything wrong and in his last minutes of life, his heart took in the situation and he did the one thing that mattered.  Maybe literally 20 seconds out of a lifetime of twenty, thirty, maybe even fifty years of doing everything wrong.  I know the feeling.

“Abram believed in the Lord and it was counted to him for righteousness.”  What a deal!

The universe has multiple dimensions.  The folks we call angels, demons, gods, God, exist outside our “universe” and are able to come and go and interact with our reality.  The multiple dimensions coupled with the reality of Genesis 1:2 expose all of what we call “religion.”  The existence and works of God are beyond religion. This is about science and history.

I get so excited about this sometimes, I just smile because hardly anyone, but most especially the non-believer, has put it ALL together!

It is all there today, and nobody can have an excuse!

I think is is time for everyone to come into the 21st century!

RUBE: A person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture.
Synonyms; Bumpkin

Awkwardly simple and provincial.
Not wise in the ways of the world—Boy that one is right on!
Lacking complexity! Their main problem? The inability to think outside themselves or to attempt complex thinking.

How about naive, simple?

I watched a video on Netflix yesterday which was in the documentary style, and based on a book which came out in the early 90’s I believe.

Anyway, the book and video were: A Case for Christ, by former atheist, Lee Strobel.

I read the book during my shift from liberalism/new age [satanism] to conservative Christian. I had forgotten some of the great parts of Lee’s similar conversion from aggressive atheist to [guess what] conservative Christian.

I had forgotten some of the things which convinced and changed Lee, a very experienced and well known investigative reporter, and well educated and placed skeptic.

Seeing this video on Netflix reminded me of how really uninformed, brain dead or stubborn or just plain foolish [in both the Biblical and common sense] you have to be to be an atheist.

The video had one thing the book could not have; interviews. Only a couple of “man on the street” types of quick interviews but they were classic for their display of shortsighted ignorance. One guy who was not a believer, said something ridiculously stupid which sounded like; “Well I just don’t believe in miracles.”

I wonder if the atheist realizes that just one inter-dimensional [spiritual] event or one super-material [supernatural] event in the history of the universe blows the walls off of the atheists house of cards. Just one “supernatural” event in the history of the world is a crushing blow to atheism, because it opens the doors of the real universe. The real universe is the unseen universe. I was listening to a physicist the other night and he confirmed something I wrote months ago. Of course I do know what I am talking about but it is nice to hear public confirmation. The universe probably consists of at least nine dimensions.

The Old Testament and New Testament are science and history, not a fairy tale. The existence of God is not a religious thing it is a scientific fact. We are not talking religion we are talking science and history and that is what convinced an aggressive atheist like Lee Strobel.

The atheist in their aversion to the Southern Baptist or Judaism or Islam is in denial of the science and history. If living with the false beliefs of the 18th or 19th century does not make you a rube I don’t know what does.

“The Case for Christ” Science and History! [along with some other disciplines]

Never forget, in this blink of an eye we are living out of billions of quadrillions of years, this short life is a test. It is a test being given under the adversity of a universal war.

And NOTHING matters except your answer to this one question: “Who do you say that I am?”

AGAIN! NOTHING in this short test matters EXCEPT YOUR ANSWER TO THIS ONE QUESTION: “Who do you say that I am?”

That is what this life is ALL about. And the atheist is stuck with 18th and 19th century liberalism. [SMILEY FACE 🙂 GOES HERE!!!]

The following quote applies today EXACTLY the same as when it was first written, because the work of God is as current today as it was 2000 years ago.

“Hence, we determine with certainty, that religion is that great business, to which all men ought to attend; and that blessing, after which all men should seek, whatever else be neglected, superseded, or postponed.”

Now, the One whose precepts include; “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” wants us to be “productive.”  BUT, you better know what is important! Covering your own rear end should be one of your priorities and obviously the atheist does not get it!

No Matter What! You had better have the correct answer when you are asked: “Who do you say that I am?” We all have everything we need to have the correct answer to that question!

“The Case for Christ!”

I haven’t been here at this site for a while mainly because I work three jobs [1 full 2 PT] and the full time job just fired 6 folks and everyone has had to work doubles and extra.

That was the main reason I strayed away.  But, secondly, I, by accident, happened upon a site for the Religious Column for an English Newspaper.  I spent almost a week just reading the comments on a column and making a few comments myself.

 This particular column was about what was an interview of a famous atheist Richard Dawkins.  The headline for this particular newspaper column simply alluded to the fact that Dawkins apparently said something to the effect that he cannot be 100% certain that God does not exist.

Big deal!  But this particular column has over about a 10 day period generated about 10,000 comments. [last time I looked yesterday]   Most of the comments there appear to have been generated by other atheists.

These atheists did make one relevant observation, at least about this particular.  They said this headlined statement was no big deal.  Of course then they made the totally ridiculous claim that nobody can know anything, even true believers, as a 100% certainty.  Absurd!

I posted about 6 or 8 comments myself during a few days, some of them probably around 100 words. Then I stopped playing their silly games.

My ex-wife and I had a small [10 kids] in home day care for a couple of years.  We had a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds and talking with the atheists reminded me of the day care.  Except for intelligence and age the atheists actually [I am not being funny.] reminded me of trying to deal with the young children.  

Atheists are liberals, whether they like or know it, or not.  Liberals are all self-centered, immature, and with limited knowledge and thought processes.  The atheist I read during those few days, lacking the intelligence of most of the kids we had in the day care but being so much older, will die children fixated upon their own limited view of life.

I also, along with a couple of others, noticed by scanning the comments, that some of these folks seemed to be spending 10, 12, 15 or more hours a day on that one particular item and subsequent comments.  How does someone who holds down a job and has a family spend hours and hours every day for a week writing comments on an irrelevant piece of minutia.  I wondered if some of these folks were not young kids or in academia or the retired or unemployed.  Not that that matters exceedingly, the retired certainly may have a more relevant view of almost anything in life, but the other circumstances of the student or academic are exactly what you would expect to have a really limited view of the world and life.  And limited viewpoint is exactly what it takes to be an atheist.

The rebellion of the atheist is another thing, everyone who has ever reared [the correct term] children, or dealt intimately with a child’s mind will recognize.   Again the term ‘fixated” comes to mind.

 I am going to try to keep up with the “children” posting on that weekly religion column, as I tried to keep up with children dropped off at our daycare.  Probably with about the same amount of success and frustration as dealing with the other 4 year olds.  





When you don’t get it, you really push the envelope on “not getting it.”

I would say that there are about a half-dozen typical errors of “critical thinking” for extreme liberalism which I see in atheism or extreme environmentalism or “darwinism” or any other “human wisdom” gone bad.

As I have written before, there really is a “unified field theory” of our existence. A core of correctness and understanding everything within our universe  really does exist.

And, when you are off center or “out of plumb” it can mess up your entire universe of understanding.

I recently watched an old PBS nature documentary about “Wolverines” which I greatly enjoyed. And, in the last several days I watched several times [NETFLIX is the best $7.99/mth investment I ever made.] a National Geographic Explorer documentary about the Redwoods. That one was so neat, I watched it about four times.

In the past, I have supported or been a member of The Sierra Club, or The World Wildlife Federation, or other conservation groups.

Someone who understands the “really big picture” also understands that they are in charge of “this place.”

I mean, I was “given” Greenland. I, along with the seven billion other folk, own the Serengeti or all of the mountains of the Alps or the Rockies.

Individual governments and individual deeds notwithstanding, everybody on this planet has been given every square inch or bucket of water there is. The reverse is NOT true.

The spotted owl does not own MY land. Carlsbad Caverns, no matter how beautiful or awesome does NOT control me or mine. No matter what, our children have priority over Kemps-Ridley Sea Turtle.

If I have been given  a home, free of finance or mortgage, then it is mine.  If I want to knock out the wall of the master bedroom, I mean really knock it out so that I can go to bed with the yard as my only wall, then whose business is it?  But whatever I own, whether it is a building or a vehicle, or a $6000 HD TV, it is logical that I want to keep it in the best most livable or usable condition!

By now, 7 Billion other folk have the same responsibilities for the welfare of this temporary residence that I have.  But there are a goodly number of them who have displaced the rightful priorities of life.

No frog, no owl, no tree, owns my children.  No bird or insect or tiny communal animal on the continental shelf has precedence over anyone’s child or any other human being on this earth.

Extreme environmentalism is strongly akin to worshiping a tree or bird or A THING!  Worshiping a thing, any “thing” besides the One who made all things is exactly the same as satanism ==== the worship of “old worthless.”

That does not mean we trash the planet.

It does mean we know Who made it!

It also means we know our position as caretakers, gardeners, and game wardens.

It is only simple common sense to try to not destroy this temporary dwelling place.

This weeks news has featured articles on the impact of certain types of snakes [I believe potentially large Pythons] in the Florida Everglades, simply because they will eat things which appear to be twice their size!

There is also an article of the past couple of days about the rediscovery of some mammal thought extinct in east Africa.

Last year I remember articles about many new species [over 100 I believe] found in Vietnam.

We need to stop worshiping the planet.  That is a “religion” as old as men who have been blinded to the truth, and the Bible says all that needs to be said to such fools.

As long as there are “fools” living here, fools who do not get IT, the planet will be corrupted and full of struggles.



An incredible new controversy!

A video! of American Marines urinating on dead Taliban.

Soldiers have done some really bad things to those they have defeated for as long as man has been killing man, but in the modern era Americans have been known for their beneficent mercy to those they have defeated. Although we have had a few bad moments, generally if you are beaten by another army you have been right if you prayed for it to be by Americans.

I make no secret where my heart lies. I am for Jesus Christ and His own. I know those taliban will stand in judgment before The Creator of the universe Who will not be accepting of their denial of Christ.  None of us, no man, has the right to declare where anyone else will spend eternity, but those taliban have declared their own destiny.

The same God, the EXACT SAME God, Who told the Israelites to kill EVERY living thing in Canaan, is The God Who also declared; “Love your enemy.” And, there is no contradiction or dichotomy there. This is something that liberals and other non-believers cannot understand.

The God that those Taliban will see in the NEXT INSTANT after their death is the only one in the universe Who knows the heart. The God Who ALONE knows men’s hearts declared the ONLY WAY to Him. Those Taliban obviously did not have that ONLY way to God the Father, preferring instead to put their faith in a murderous, demon possessed, pedophile, and yes I have read several of his bios and the idiot book he authored.

BUT at the same time, The God Who will declare the judgment of all [more than likely the taliban’s eternal destruction] is the God of Respect.  He IS NOT happy with the acts of our soldiers.

I used to tell the rehabilitation class I taught that the most powerful man Who ever lived allowed men to spit in His face, when He could have snapped His fingers and turned them into frogs, or amoebas, or an empty space.  And, when He doesn’t have to, He still treats with great respect, those of us who are as worthless as a bucket of old spit and who deserve no respect.

But, the liberal and the satanist [atheist and ALL other religions] have their false type of “respect” and are as blind as a blind frog in a cave or the bottom dweller in the ocean depths [as it turns out, pretty apt metaphors].

The liberal and the satanist [atheists and ALL other religions] ask their infantile questions.  “If there is a God WHY does He, [yada, yada, yada, fill in the blanks] ???  And, “been there, done that” just is not sufficient to explain that type of foolishness!

Even the judges in the Nuremburg War Crimes trials treated the Nazi NUTS they were trying, with a structure of “respect” that most human beings would say their evil did not deserve.  I have had conversations with probably more than a dozen murderers in my time and treated almost all of them with a civility and respect they probably never comprehended.

All of us [99.99% ] are murderers.  Most of us, uncaught!  [Again, something non-believers can not understand.]

Most parents [maybe not all, but most] would want the destruction of someone who destroyed their own child.  That is natural.  The most loving and kind human being [by our standards] would want someone who “destroyed” a child locked up and punished even if they do not want capital punishment for real murder.  [Murder is only the taking of an INNOCENT human life. There has never been a contradiction between “thou shall not murder”  and execution of murderers!]

The One Who declares eternal hell for all [what part of ALL don’t you get] rebels, still allowed satan to walk around in His Throne Room [read the Book of Job] and ask questions like an attorney.   [Attorneys, satan, hmmmmm?]

After I began getting away from my extreme liberalism and began to understand the Truth, I began to see all the examples of treating others with respect and love, showcased in The Bible.

Joseph, David, and of course Christ are three of the best examples of treating with respect, those who we humans would say do not deserve respect.

Joseph still treated his brothers, who almost destroyed his life and caused him years of misery, with respect after they were forced to come begging to him for food.  But Joseph understood as well as any human being who ever lived that everything [99% ?] which happens can be for our eventual good, and that is comparable to saying that this life is JUST a test.

David STILL treated King Saul [a man who threw a spear at David and tried several times to kill David] with respect because David knew all leaders are chosen by God, and as such deserve some respect. [A concept I still have trouble with in TODAY’S USA!]

And then there is Christ treating ALL OF US with respect even today, when we do not deserve respect.  The liberal and other satanists [atheists and ALL other religionists] can not get it that the atheist and I [!!!] were literally “present” and nailing the spikes into Christ’s hands at the crucifixion!

Jude 1:9 But even Michael, one of the mightiest of the angels, did not dare accuse the devil of blasphemy, but simply said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

“Did not dare”

We know Michael was not afraid of “old worthless.”  So, there has to be another reason.  Several of the famous and respected commentators believe that he “did not dare” bing an accusation for one of two reasons.  Either, #1. out of respect for satan’s former position, or #2 because he knew such a tactic would offend God.   Either way, is because of respect.

The Bible definitely says, do not gloat, or treat with contempt the defeat of others.

Atheists will never understand, they continue to breathe because of God’s respect.