How is it that you do not get it?

You can’t fix stupid.  Stupid is, as stupid does [I guess, STUPID DOES, AS STUPID IS, is more accurate].  Beauty is skin deep, but stupid goes all the way to the bone.

I cannot help but be amazed every time I read one of the several stories out of the Gospels where Jesus has to stop and say; “How is it that you do not get it?”, to the dozen or so men who spent every day for years, out of their life, with Him.  And then we read about THE Dawkins’ and THE Hitchins’ of today and their ilk who do not get it either.

But while the men who later died defending their beliefs were finally convinced, [and probably stunningly embarrassed like Paul] including formerly disbelieving half brothers of Jesus, the other group takes pride in their “intelligence” and ability to discern and scoff at the “fairy tales” of “religion.”  It is NOT “religion” you silly clueless people !!!!!!

I just happened to stumble upon Glenn Campbell’s final album.  I am not much of a  “country music” fan, but Campbell’s final album [he has been diagnosed with alzheimers] is only a little country, and really touching.

I have come to believe that people are atheists because they have no heart.  A heart brings feeling, real feeling, a feeling for reality [2 sides of the same coin?].  Several of the songs [if not the whole thing!] in Campbell’s album are about TRUE HEART!

I have read many times, statements by atheists who insist that you can be a moral person and an atheist.


You cannot be TRULY moral [or intellectual] and not have a compass heading!  You can’t get where you are going if you don’t know the ONLY way to get there!!!!!!    You CANNOT be TRULY moral if you have NOT A CLUE, of what is REAL and what is NOT REAL!   You cannot be truly moral if you have no clue what is TRUE and what is A LIE!   And atheists HAVE BOUGHT THE BIG LIE.   No atheist can ever say; “Life is a test.”,  because they would have to admit that there is a GREAT MONITOR ADMINISTERING THE TEST!!!    [ATHEISTS NEED TO REREAD THAT ENTIRE PARAGRAPH!]

Joh 14:9 Jesus replied, “Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and yet you still don’t know who I am?  [NLT]

Actually, LITERALLY, Jesus says that millions of times a day, TODAY!

“Have I been with you ALL THIS TIME, ________, and yet you still don’t know Who I AM?  [“I AM.” do you get it?]

The several songs off of  “Ghost On The Canvas” are touchingly about Glenn’s GETTING IT!   Getting IT, is the ONLY way to have a REAL HEART, A TRUE HEART.  A heart that knows the answer to this one question test; “Who do you say that I AM?”    Campbell’s, “Its YOUR amazing grace.” and “A Better Place.” show that he gets the answer to that 1 question test.

The person who understands, the person who is truly moral, the person who gets it, the person who has a real heart, is grateful, truly grateful.  TRULY GRATEFUL!  How can you be truly grateful if you don’t really know what you are grateful for.  Putting it another way, if you lie to yourself, or have the wrong information, you cannot be truly grateful.  And, the atheist lies to themselves or better yet, believe the BIG lie.  Therefore, an atheist has NO [zero,zip,nada!]  contact with THE REAL TRUTH.   Therefore an atheist can have no real answers or certainty.  An atheists opinions matter not one bit on anything, because their entire life is based upon a lie.

Matter of fact, of course, is the truth that only one life in the history of the universe counts.   ALL the rest can be put into ONLY two categories.  MY life matters not one bit EXCEPT FOR my answer to THE question.  That is the “your amazing grace” out of Campbell’s song.   In the universe, Dawkins life, or Hitchins life will be ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS.    [ABSOLUTELY = DEF;  Completely and without qualification; Totally and definitely; UTTERLY !!]


My life will go on.  My “contribution” or maybe better “interaction & activity” will continue, ETERNALLY.  That is cause for REAL gratitude, TRUTH.

Campbell, has a short song out of this album; “A Better Place.”   “a better place A WAY TO SEE.”  ” A BETTER PLACE, YOU’LL SEE, YOU’LL SEE!”

You silly people.  You silly, short sighted, selfish, immature, ignorant, atheists!


Life is a test.  A test with only one answer.

Wasn’t it Marx, [Karl not Graucho, although Graucho was smarter] who called religion; “the opiate of the masses” ?


“Religion” which is mans construct [DEF= Put together out of artificial or natural components or parts], may have an “opiate”  QUALITY.   But “religion” is not THE TRUE relationship with The Creator of the universe.   A true relationship with the Creator can be tough.  Just ask the millions of True Believers massacred in The Inquisition by satan.  [Yeah satan in a false church.]  Just ask the True Believer racked by physical pain, or like Campbell by the onset of Alzheimers.

THE Test can be tough as hell.  Matter of fact your answer to the one question test, may bring you “hell on earth.”   BUT, the True Believer [as opposed to the false ones, of whom there are hundreds of millions] understands THE TEST and is grateful for this tiny moment out of eternity.  The True Believer knows personally; “your amazing grace” because ONLY the True Believer knows what is real and what is not.

This life is only an instant out of eternity.   BUT it only counts, has a connection with reality, has meaning, if you have in your HEART [and to a certain but lesser extent, your mind] THE ANSWER.

I thank God Daily for THAT AMAZING GRACE.