I was listening to several versions of the great old hymn, “Nearer My God To Thee,”  just before I started writing this tonight, in the blind, and it made me once again think about my purpose here.

Originally, I began this effort because I know what it is like to be blind spiritually and then have my eyes opened.  Now, I am also considering providing the information on the new science and “counter-culture” ideas which are actually providing a new basis for faith and knowledge of the One True God.

It still amazes me how blind I once was and how blind so many people are right now.  One test of blindness has to be; are you doing “what works.”  It should be, but obviously isn’t, obvious that we as a culture and as humankind, are NOT doing “what works.”

There are what would be called two types of atheism.  First you have the absolute atheism.  The atheist who says he is an atheist.  But the  biggest form of atheism is the functional or practical atheist.  That is the person who either says they believe in God and still lives like “the devil” or the person who says they believe in “a” God and practices anything and everything but Christianity.  I was in the second form of atheism.   Oh, I never doubted that there was a “higher power” but got all into the New Age, and pantheism, and gaia, and other crap.

It is so frustrating to read postings by atheists on other sites and to know how blind they are to reality.  I think that given a few hours and their absolute attention I could probably shake some of their “faith” [yes, atheism is a type of religion] enough that they would begin to do what I did and investigate the science and history for themselves.

It seems to me, that the comments I read from atheists on other sites fall generally into only two or three categories.

First, there are always the types who show their total ignorance of the subject by talking about the “fiction” of the Biblical accounts of the Life of Christ, or of the accounts of the Old Testament.   Those are actually the easiest lies to disprove.  I was reading such comments yesterday and someone who had obviously had my experience wrote what I am saying.  No honest person can read the deeper studies of   history and come away doubting that the historical Jesus existed.  Now whether you want to believe His claim to be God [He was executed because He told them who He was] is your problem, but to say He didn’t exist and didn’t prove who He was is just ‘country bumpkin ignorance’ and actually the easiest thing to disprove.

This brings up another sub-class of atheist, the scoffer.  I am talking about those who refuse to accept the Biblical accounts of  “miracles.”  Modern science is actually helping with this proof.   The newest physics is now beginning to predict a universe of many dimensions beyond the four we know.  7 to 11 dimensions, with a firm 9 being the last I heard, are now believed by the modern scientist.   The supernatural events of the Bible really have as much to do with multiple dimensions as anything else.  The current “miracles” which still happen regularly around us, are nothing more than the interaction with, and intervention from the other dimensions.  I am thinking that the angels [both good and fallen] appear in, lets say, just a few more of the dimensions than we are capable of being in at the present.   The glorified bodies we are supposed to get are really God extending our “being” into more dimensions.

In other words, the “miracles” of the Bible just confirm the multi-dimensionality of our universe and it’s manipulation by those outside our dimension.  And, of course, God being outside all the dimensions manipulates and controls all of them.

I keep saying, this is NOT about “religion” it is about science and history.

The last “type” of atheist is talked about a lot in the Bible.  I once read an article about a “letter” written in, I believe, the 15th century by a very important Rabbi.   I used to have a copy of the translation of this “letter” but after several divorces and moves and new computers I do not have a clue where my copy is.  Anyway, this Rabbi was talking about the fact that the “Sanhedrin” knew exactly who Christ was, but because He was not what they expected the Messiah to be or do [crush the Romans and restore Israel] they killed Him.    There is a lot of that in the current atheist.

The Bible says in the final events of the earth, there will be men who will literally be shaking their fists at God, angry, I guess, because He is breaking up their party.   Seems kind of stupid to me.

God says; “I’m God and You’re NOT!”

There isn’t one thing you or I can do to change the facts, so why not choose life instead of death?

I am not talking about being perfect.  Only one person who ever lived could do that.  I am talking about simple belief and acceptance and everything else will fall into place.

This is about doing what works, and there is only one thing that works for eternity.