Poor Christopher Hitchins.  How’s that atheism working out for you now Chris?   Bit hot is it?

I sometimes cringe in either amazement or just plain fear because of my former [I hope former!] stupidity.   I still wonder over the obviousness [Yeah I know that isn’t the best english.] of the truth.  It really is astounding to me how brilliantly brightly lit the truth is.

If atheists [and other liberals] could only see [SEE!] their stupidity.

We are all, well most of us, victims of a great campaign of  fog, propaganda, disinformation, and pure lies.   I say most of us are victims of this campaign of war lies and propaganda because only a very small percentage [10%] of folk get the Truth up front when they are children and never waver.  The rest of us who finally do see the Truth, get it over a period of the rest of their lives, some only coming to the Truth at the very last moment.

But the very simple answer to the simple one question test; “Who do you say that I am?” has the ability to transform a lifetime [20, 40, 80+ years?] of foolishness into an eternity of  REAL LIFE!

Christopher Hitchins and his ilk aren’t even smart enough to; “whistle past the graveyard.”   I mean I spit on the sidewalk and I know it, and cringe.  Chris and his type apparently didn’t even get that they were on a sidewalk.  A sidewalk on slippery slopes directly into oblivion.

In the U.S. we have laws which say [indirectly, I suppose in some ways] that a man owning a piece of property; a small lot, a farm, a ranch of hundreds or thousands of acres, or even a small couple of hundred square foot store,  can put up a sign saying NO TRESPASSING, and have the right to keep unwanted others out of his property.  We have copyright laws and trademark laws and patent laws which say; “This is MINE, and you have no right to it.”

And how many times have I read of human beings, ” a little lower than the angels” and only slightly above the amoeba in brainpower actually criticizing the rights of the Creator, and more importantly, THE OWNER of every atom in the universe, for His laws.   I have watched interviews of low grade imbeciles like Richard Dawkins who has the foolishness and audacity to demean and dispute the acts of God.

Some cities and towns have laws about jaywalking.   Those laws, which are little enforced, are on the books to prevent accidents and save lives.  And yet, I’d bet that at least weekly if not actually daily, we have a pedestrian killed somewhere because they are out in the road or crossing the street “illegally.”   The laws work as intended, but we for many reasons do not observe them 100%.

I am not saying that a “spitting on the sidewalk” law is a dumb law, they have a purpose, but most of us have at one time or another, done the FOUL deed.   The point is that they are in place in many localities and they have a purpose which some man thought was valid.

The One who owns every atom of the universe, the One who is absolute perfection, has laws.  He has law because He [maybe ONLY He] knows what works and what doesn’t.   He has laws for order like gravity or like the Ten Comandments.   He has laws of love like gravity and the Ten Commandments.  🙂

He has laws because He knows what works and what doesn’t.

I do not know if Torrington, Wyoming has laws about spitting on the sidewalk or jaywalking.  But I can say, that if they exist, they are there for a purpose.  In Torrington, a city of about 6000, you might spit on the sidewalk and not affect another soul.  In Torrington, you might jaywalk all your life, hundreds of times a year, without any consequences.  BUT if the law is there in Torrington, Wyoming it is there because someone thought they were needed.  On the other hand, it is a 100% CERTAINTY that the laws of The Creator have very great impact, needed everywhere, even in Torrington, Wyoming.

The laws of creation which affect [impact or have an effect upon] men were ALL written down.  They are all there for everyone to read, there is no excuse.  And, since those laws were written the day before yesterday [a thousand years is as a day!] the laws have not changed.  [What has changed, is how we can be “adjudicated.”]  And He doesn’t care what we think about those laws.  He doesn’t have to waver.  He doesn’t have to change His mind because of uncertainty or weakness [the definition of “waver”].  He knows, without our input, what works for us and what doesn’t!

The liberal, like Hitchins, or Dawkins, or like I used to be, is so incredibly selfish.  The liberal IS the child who at 2 years does not know why the parent spanks them when they throw a tantrum for not getting what THEY WANT.  The liberal IS the 8 year old who gets mad when the parent says; “Go to sleep, NOW!”  The liberal IS the adult who gets angry because The One Who made them says; “You will not live that way, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK!”

The Liberal is the one, who at 62 dies, saying; “I did it my way,” and the next instant hears; “Yeah you did, BUT I told you not to do it your way!”

In Torrington, Wyoming there may, or may not be, a consequence for spitting on the sidewalk.  In real life there is a consequence for spitting in the face of The Creator.  But the wonderful thing is that in His mercy He says that if you take it ALL back, and ask for mercy, you WILL RECEIVE MERCY.

There is no better deal in the universe than that!  A life poorly spent can in one instant become a life well lived!

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