Unless, of course you were ever planning on having children.

One of my daughter’s best friends, since before high school, was a young lady who did not receive the preschool vaccinations until after she was about four.  Before that time she was an absolutely normal little girl in every way.  Within a few days after she was given the vaccination cocktail she was changed.  She is now, and has been for over 20 years developmentally disabled.

After University, my daughter is now involved in teaching special classes for autistic children.   The special school breaks the enrollment down into small manageable groups of 8 or so.  My daughter has a group of 8-10 boys in the 7-13 year old range.

Every [EVERY] one of the current group of boys she has were, according to their parents [who would KNOW!] perfectly normal children BEFORE they got the vaccination cocktails!  Several of them were noticeably changed within just a few days.  All of them within a few weeks.

My daughters group is typical within this special school.   And the teachers and parents all firmly believe that it is the vaccination cocktails that are causing the developmental and autism problems!  And yet they and the rest of us are shouted down by “so-called” experts and the pharmaceutical companies.  FOLLOW THE MONEY, ALWAYS!