When you don’t get it, you really push the envelope on “not getting it.”

I would say that there are about a half-dozen typical errors of “critical thinking” for extreme liberalism which I see in atheism or extreme environmentalism or “darwinism” or any other “human wisdom” gone bad.

As I have written before, there really is a “unified field theory” of our existence. A core of correctness and understanding everything within our universe  really does exist.

And, when you are off center or “out of plumb” it can mess up your entire universe of understanding.

I recently watched an old PBS nature documentary about “Wolverines” which I greatly enjoyed. And, in the last several days I watched several times [NETFLIX is the best $7.99/mth investment I ever made.] a National Geographic Explorer documentary about the Redwoods. That one was so neat, I watched it about four times.

In the past, I have supported or been a member of The Sierra Club, or The World Wildlife Federation, or other conservation groups.

Someone who understands the “really big picture” also understands that they are in charge of “this place.”

I mean, I was “given” Greenland. I, along with the seven billion other folk, own the Serengeti or all of the mountains of the Alps or the Rockies.

Individual governments and individual deeds notwithstanding, everybody on this planet has been given every square inch or bucket of water there is. The reverse is NOT true.

The spotted owl does not own MY land. Carlsbad Caverns, no matter how beautiful or awesome does NOT control me or mine. No matter what, our children have priority over Kemps-Ridley Sea Turtle.

If I have been given  a home, free of finance or mortgage, then it is mine.  If I want to knock out the wall of the master bedroom, I mean really knock it out so that I can go to bed with the yard as my only wall, then whose business is it?  But whatever I own, whether it is a building or a vehicle, or a $6000 HD TV, it is logical that I want to keep it in the best most livable or usable condition!

By now, 7 Billion other folk have the same responsibilities for the welfare of this temporary residence that I have.  But there are a goodly number of them who have displaced the rightful priorities of life.

No frog, no owl, no tree, owns my children.  No bird or insect or tiny communal animal on the continental shelf has precedence over anyone’s child or any other human being on this earth.

Extreme environmentalism is strongly akin to worshiping a tree or bird or A THING!  Worshiping a thing, any “thing” besides the One who made all things is exactly the same as satanism ==== the worship of “old worthless.”

That does not mean we trash the planet.

It does mean we know Who made it!

It also means we know our position as caretakers, gardeners, and game wardens.

It is only simple common sense to try to not destroy this temporary dwelling place.

This weeks news has featured articles on the impact of certain types of snakes [I believe potentially large Pythons] in the Florida Everglades, simply because they will eat things which appear to be twice their size!

There is also an article of the past couple of days about the rediscovery of some mammal thought extinct in east Africa.

Last year I remember articles about many new species [over 100 I believe] found in Vietnam.

We need to stop worshiping the planet.  That is a “religion” as old as men who have been blinded to the truth, and the Bible says all that needs to be said to such fools.

As long as there are “fools” living here, fools who do not get IT, the planet will be corrupted and full of struggles.