I haven’t been here at this site for a while mainly because I work three jobs [1 full 2 PT] and the full time job just fired 6 folks and everyone has had to work doubles and extra.

That was the main reason I strayed away.  But, secondly, I, by accident, happened upon a site for the Religious Column for an English Newspaper.  I spent almost a week just reading the comments on a column and making a few comments myself.

 This particular column was about what was an interview of a famous atheist Richard Dawkins.  The headline for this particular newspaper column simply alluded to the fact that Dawkins apparently said something to the effect that he cannot be 100% certain that God does not exist.

Big deal!  But this particular column has over about a 10 day period generated about 10,000 comments. [last time I looked yesterday]   Most of the comments there appear to have been generated by other atheists.

These atheists did make one relevant observation, at least about this particular.  They said this headlined statement was no big deal.  Of course then they made the totally ridiculous claim that nobody can know anything, even true believers, as a 100% certainty.  Absurd!

I posted about 6 or 8 comments myself during a few days, some of them probably around 100 words. Then I stopped playing their silly games.

My ex-wife and I had a small [10 kids] in home day care for a couple of years.  We had a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds and talking with the atheists reminded me of the day care.  Except for intelligence and age the atheists actually [I am not being funny.] reminded me of trying to deal with the young children.  

Atheists are liberals, whether they like or know it, or not.  Liberals are all self-centered, immature, and with limited knowledge and thought processes.  The atheist I read during those few days, lacking the intelligence of most of the kids we had in the day care but being so much older, will die children fixated upon their own limited view of life.

I also, along with a couple of others, noticed by scanning the comments, that some of these folks seemed to be spending 10, 12, 15 or more hours a day on that one particular item and subsequent comments.  How does someone who holds down a job and has a family spend hours and hours every day for a week writing comments on an irrelevant piece of minutia.  I wondered if some of these folks were not young kids or in academia or the retired or unemployed.  Not that that matters exceedingly, the retired certainly may have a more relevant view of almost anything in life, but the other circumstances of the student or academic are exactly what you would expect to have a really limited view of the world and life.  And limited viewpoint is exactly what it takes to be an atheist.

The rebellion of the atheist is another thing, everyone who has ever reared [the correct term] children, or dealt intimately with a child’s mind will recognize.   Again the term ‘fixated” comes to mind.

 I am going to try to keep up with the “children” posting on that weekly religion column, as I tried to keep up with children dropped off at our daycare.  Probably with about the same amount of success and frustration as dealing with the other 4 year olds.