An incredible new controversy!

A video! of American Marines urinating on dead Taliban.

Soldiers have done some really bad things to those they have defeated for as long as man has been killing man, but in the modern era Americans have been known for their beneficent mercy to those they have defeated. Although we have had a few bad moments, generally if you are beaten by another army you have been right if you prayed for it to be by Americans.

I make no secret where my heart lies. I am for Jesus Christ and His own. I know those taliban will stand in judgment before The Creator of the universe Who will not be accepting of their denial of Christ.  None of us, no man, has the right to declare where anyone else will spend eternity, but those taliban have declared their own destiny.

The same God, the EXACT SAME God, Who told the Israelites to kill EVERY living thing in Canaan, is The God Who also declared; “Love your enemy.” And, there is no contradiction or dichotomy there. This is something that liberals and other non-believers cannot understand.

The God that those Taliban will see in the NEXT INSTANT after their death is the only one in the universe Who knows the heart. The God Who ALONE knows men’s hearts declared the ONLY WAY to Him. Those Taliban obviously did not have that ONLY way to God the Father, preferring instead to put their faith in a murderous, demon possessed, pedophile, and yes I have read several of his bios and the idiot book he authored.

BUT at the same time, The God Who will declare the judgment of all [more than likely the taliban’s eternal destruction] is the God of Respect.  He IS NOT happy with the acts of our soldiers.

I used to tell the rehabilitation class I taught that the most powerful man Who ever lived allowed men to spit in His face, when He could have snapped His fingers and turned them into frogs, or amoebas, or an empty space.  And, when He doesn’t have to, He still treats with great respect, those of us who are as worthless as a bucket of old spit and who deserve no respect.

But, the liberal and the satanist [atheist and ALL other religions] have their false type of “respect” and are as blind as a blind frog in a cave or the bottom dweller in the ocean depths [as it turns out, pretty apt metaphors].

The liberal and the satanist [atheists and ALL other religions] ask their infantile questions.  “If there is a God WHY does He, [yada, yada, yada, fill in the blanks] ???  And, “been there, done that” just is not sufficient to explain that type of foolishness!

Even the judges in the Nuremburg War Crimes trials treated the Nazi NUTS they were trying, with a structure of “respect” that most human beings would say their evil did not deserve.  I have had conversations with probably more than a dozen murderers in my time and treated almost all of them with a civility and respect they probably never comprehended.

All of us [99.99% ] are murderers.  Most of us, uncaught!  [Again, something non-believers can not understand.]

Most parents [maybe not all, but most] would want the destruction of someone who destroyed their own child.  That is natural.  The most loving and kind human being [by our standards] would want someone who “destroyed” a child locked up and punished even if they do not want capital punishment for real murder.  [Murder is only the taking of an INNOCENT human life. There has never been a contradiction between “thou shall not murder”  and execution of murderers!]

The One Who declares eternal hell for all [what part of ALL don’t you get] rebels, still allowed satan to walk around in His Throne Room [read the Book of Job] and ask questions like an attorney.   [Attorneys, satan, hmmmmm?]

After I began getting away from my extreme liberalism and began to understand the Truth, I began to see all the examples of treating others with respect and love, showcased in The Bible.

Joseph, David, and of course Christ are three of the best examples of treating with respect, those who we humans would say do not deserve respect.

Joseph still treated his brothers, who almost destroyed his life and caused him years of misery, with respect after they were forced to come begging to him for food.  But Joseph understood as well as any human being who ever lived that everything [99% ?] which happens can be for our eventual good, and that is comparable to saying that this life is JUST a test.

David STILL treated King Saul [a man who threw a spear at David and tried several times to kill David] with respect because David knew all leaders are chosen by God, and as such deserve some respect. [A concept I still have trouble with in TODAY’S USA!]

And then there is Christ treating ALL OF US with respect even today, when we do not deserve respect.  The liberal and other satanists [atheists and ALL other religionists] can not get it that the atheist and I [!!!] were literally “present” and nailing the spikes into Christ’s hands at the crucifixion!

Jude 1:9 But even Michael, one of the mightiest of the angels, did not dare accuse the devil of blasphemy, but simply said, “The Lord rebuke you!”

“Did not dare”

We know Michael was not afraid of “old worthless.”  So, there has to be another reason.  Several of the famous and respected commentators believe that he “did not dare” bing an accusation for one of two reasons.  Either, #1. out of respect for satan’s former position, or #2 because he knew such a tactic would offend God.   Either way, is because of respect.

The Bible definitely says, do not gloat, or treat with contempt the defeat of others.

Atheists will never understand, they continue to breathe because of God’s respect.