How is it that you do not get it?

You can’t fix stupid.  Stupid is, as stupid does [I guess, STUPID DOES, AS STUPID IS, is more accurate].  Beauty is skin deep, but stupid goes all the way to the bone.

I cannot help but be amazed every time I read one of the several stories out of the Gospels where Jesus has to stop and say; “How is it that you do not get it?”, to the dozen or so men who spent every day for years, out of their life, with Him.  And then we read about THE Dawkins’ and THE Hitchins’ of today and their ilk who do not get it either.

But while the men who later died defending their beliefs were finally convinced, [and probably stunningly embarrassed like Paul] including formerly disbelieving half brothers of Jesus, the other group takes pride in their “intelligence” and ability to discern and scoff at the “fairy tales” of “religion.”  It is NOT “religion” you silly clueless people !!!!!!

I just happened to stumble upon Glenn Campbell’s final album.  I am not much of a  “country music” fan, but Campbell’s final album [he has been diagnosed with alzheimers] is only a little country, and really touching.

I have come to believe that people are atheists because they have no heart.  A heart brings feeling, real feeling, a feeling for reality [2 sides of the same coin?].  Several of the songs [if not the whole thing!] in Campbell’s album are about TRUE HEART!

I have read many times, statements by atheists who insist that you can be a moral person and an atheist.


You cannot be TRULY moral [or intellectual] and not have a compass heading!  You can’t get where you are going if you don’t know the ONLY way to get there!!!!!!    You CANNOT be TRULY moral if you have NOT A CLUE, of what is REAL and what is NOT REAL!   You cannot be truly moral if you have no clue what is TRUE and what is A LIE!   And atheists HAVE BOUGHT THE BIG LIE.   No atheist can ever say; “Life is a test.”,  because they would have to admit that there is a GREAT MONITOR ADMINISTERING THE TEST!!!    [ATHEISTS NEED TO REREAD THAT ENTIRE PARAGRAPH!]

Joh 14:9 Jesus replied, “Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and yet you still don’t know who I am?  [NLT]

Actually, LITERALLY, Jesus says that millions of times a day, TODAY!

“Have I been with you ALL THIS TIME, ________, and yet you still don’t know Who I AM?  [“I AM.” do you get it?]

The several songs off of  “Ghost On The Canvas” are touchingly about Glenn’s GETTING IT!   Getting IT, is the ONLY way to have a REAL HEART, A TRUE HEART.  A heart that knows the answer to this one question test; “Who do you say that I AM?”    Campbell’s, “Its YOUR amazing grace.” and “A Better Place.” show that he gets the answer to that 1 question test.

The person who understands, the person who is truly moral, the person who gets it, the person who has a real heart, is grateful, truly grateful.  TRULY GRATEFUL!  How can you be truly grateful if you don’t really know what you are grateful for.  Putting it another way, if you lie to yourself, or have the wrong information, you cannot be truly grateful.  And, the atheist lies to themselves or better yet, believe the BIG lie.  Therefore, an atheist has NO [zero,zip,nada!]  contact with THE REAL TRUTH.   Therefore an atheist can have no real answers or certainty.  An atheists opinions matter not one bit on anything, because their entire life is based upon a lie.

Matter of fact, of course, is the truth that only one life in the history of the universe counts.   ALL the rest can be put into ONLY two categories.  MY life matters not one bit EXCEPT FOR my answer to THE question.  That is the “your amazing grace” out of Campbell’s song.   In the universe, Dawkins life, or Hitchins life will be ABSOLUTELY MEANINGLESS.    [ABSOLUTELY = DEF;  Completely and without qualification; Totally and definitely; UTTERLY !!]


My life will go on.  My “contribution” or maybe better “interaction & activity” will continue, ETERNALLY.  That is cause for REAL gratitude, TRUTH.

Campbell, has a short song out of this album; “A Better Place.”   “a better place A WAY TO SEE.”  ” A BETTER PLACE, YOU’LL SEE, YOU’LL SEE!”

You silly people.  You silly, short sighted, selfish, immature, ignorant, atheists!


Life is a test.  A test with only one answer.

Wasn’t it Marx, [Karl not Graucho, although Graucho was smarter] who called religion; “the opiate of the masses” ?


“Religion” which is mans construct [DEF= Put together out of artificial or natural components or parts], may have an “opiate”  QUALITY.   But “religion” is not THE TRUE relationship with The Creator of the universe.   A true relationship with the Creator can be tough.  Just ask the millions of True Believers massacred in The Inquisition by satan.  [Yeah satan in a false church.]  Just ask the True Believer racked by physical pain, or like Campbell by the onset of Alzheimers.

THE Test can be tough as hell.  Matter of fact your answer to the one question test, may bring you “hell on earth.”   BUT, the True Believer [as opposed to the false ones, of whom there are hundreds of millions] understands THE TEST and is grateful for this tiny moment out of eternity.  The True Believer knows personally; “your amazing grace” because ONLY the True Believer knows what is real and what is not.

This life is only an instant out of eternity.   BUT it only counts, has a connection with reality, has meaning, if you have in your HEART [and to a certain but lesser extent, your mind] THE ANSWER.

I thank God Daily for THAT AMAZING GRACE.












Poor Christopher Hitchins.  How’s that atheism working out for you now Chris?   Bit hot is it?

I sometimes cringe in either amazement or just plain fear because of my former [I hope former!] stupidity.   I still wonder over the obviousness [Yeah I know that isn’t the best english.] of the truth.  It really is astounding to me how brilliantly brightly lit the truth is.

If atheists [and other liberals] could only see [SEE!] their stupidity.

We are all, well most of us, victims of a great campaign of  fog, propaganda, disinformation, and pure lies.   I say most of us are victims of this campaign of war lies and propaganda because only a very small percentage [10%] of folk get the Truth up front when they are children and never waver.  The rest of us who finally do see the Truth, get it over a period of the rest of their lives, some only coming to the Truth at the very last moment.

But the very simple answer to the simple one question test; “Who do you say that I am?” has the ability to transform a lifetime [20, 40, 80+ years?] of foolishness into an eternity of  REAL LIFE!

Christopher Hitchins and his ilk aren’t even smart enough to; “whistle past the graveyard.”   I mean I spit on the sidewalk and I know it, and cringe.  Chris and his type apparently didn’t even get that they were on a sidewalk.  A sidewalk on slippery slopes directly into oblivion.

In the U.S. we have laws which say [indirectly, I suppose in some ways] that a man owning a piece of property; a small lot, a farm, a ranch of hundreds or thousands of acres, or even a small couple of hundred square foot store,  can put up a sign saying NO TRESPASSING, and have the right to keep unwanted others out of his property.  We have copyright laws and trademark laws and patent laws which say; “This is MINE, and you have no right to it.”

And how many times have I read of human beings, ” a little lower than the angels” and only slightly above the amoeba in brainpower actually criticizing the rights of the Creator, and more importantly, THE OWNER of every atom in the universe, for His laws.   I have watched interviews of low grade imbeciles like Richard Dawkins who has the foolishness and audacity to demean and dispute the acts of God.

Some cities and towns have laws about jaywalking.   Those laws, which are little enforced, are on the books to prevent accidents and save lives.  And yet, I’d bet that at least weekly if not actually daily, we have a pedestrian killed somewhere because they are out in the road or crossing the street “illegally.”   The laws work as intended, but we for many reasons do not observe them 100%.

I am not saying that a “spitting on the sidewalk” law is a dumb law, they have a purpose, but most of us have at one time or another, done the FOUL deed.   The point is that they are in place in many localities and they have a purpose which some man thought was valid.

The One who owns every atom of the universe, the One who is absolute perfection, has laws.  He has law because He [maybe ONLY He] knows what works and what doesn’t.   He has laws for order like gravity or like the Ten Comandments.   He has laws of love like gravity and the Ten Commandments.  🙂

He has laws because He knows what works and what doesn’t.

I do not know if Torrington, Wyoming has laws about spitting on the sidewalk or jaywalking.  But I can say, that if they exist, they are there for a purpose.  In Torrington, a city of about 6000, you might spit on the sidewalk and not affect another soul.  In Torrington, you might jaywalk all your life, hundreds of times a year, without any consequences.  BUT if the law is there in Torrington, Wyoming it is there because someone thought they were needed.  On the other hand, it is a 100% CERTAINTY that the laws of The Creator have very great impact, needed everywhere, even in Torrington, Wyoming.

The laws of creation which affect [impact or have an effect upon] men were ALL written down.  They are all there for everyone to read, there is no excuse.  And, since those laws were written the day before yesterday [a thousand years is as a day!] the laws have not changed.  [What has changed, is how we can be “adjudicated.”]  And He doesn’t care what we think about those laws.  He doesn’t have to waver.  He doesn’t have to change His mind because of uncertainty or weakness [the definition of “waver”].  He knows, without our input, what works for us and what doesn’t!

The liberal, like Hitchins, or Dawkins, or like I used to be, is so incredibly selfish.  The liberal IS the child who at 2 years does not know why the parent spanks them when they throw a tantrum for not getting what THEY WANT.  The liberal IS the 8 year old who gets mad when the parent says; “Go to sleep, NOW!”  The liberal IS the adult who gets angry because The One Who made them says; “You will not live that way, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT WORK!”

The Liberal is the one, who at 62 dies, saying; “I did it my way,” and the next instant hears; “Yeah you did, BUT I told you not to do it your way!”

In Torrington, Wyoming there may, or may not be, a consequence for spitting on the sidewalk.  In real life there is a consequence for spitting in the face of The Creator.  But the wonderful thing is that in His mercy He says that if you take it ALL back, and ask for mercy, you WILL RECEIVE MERCY.

There is no better deal in the universe than that!  A life poorly spent can in one instant become a life well lived!

NEXT: WHY, Amazing Grace?






Well the accolades do pour in.

Christopher Hitchins; world class intellectual, raconteur extraordinaire, master of rejoinder!

Unfortunately for Christopher, who died the other day, his most masterful rejoinder now will be; ” Oh Snap! It really is hot in here can you turn it down!”

Well he won’t actually be saying that, it will be more like a scream pleading for mercy.

Christopher Hitchins, the intellectual.  BS!  Do men, not worth a bucket of warm spit, really think we can be “intellectual.”

I beg to differ with all who thought Hitchins was a thinker, but he was dumb as a brick.  Your pet goat, which as it turns out is an apt comparison with Hitchins, has a better thinking process than Hitchins.  The most obvious thing in the universe was for Hitchins the intellectual, the atheist, simply not there.  He was intellectually moribund and spiritually blind.

The most obvious thing, rather a real person, in the universe, is a Creator, unless of course you lack the critical thinking skills like Hitchins.    Hitchins the doubter, unable to put it all together.   Funny, hysterically funny, is the fact that some “little ole” 80 year old “sharecroppers” widow with [because of life’s circumstances] a 6th grade education can score a 100 on the only question that counts.   And, world class intellectual, Hitchins made ZERO [nada, zip, goose egg] on that same one question test.

It is a test!  Life is a test!

How you answer the only question that counts goes a long [verrrry loooong] way to your final score on that test.

The question?  “Who do YOU say that I am?”

Hitchins answer to that question was something along the line: “Well, in spite of the eyewitness accounts, in spite of the historic evidence, in spite of the scientific evidence, in spite of the personal evidence, and in spite of the question, YOU DO NOT EXIST!  Nobody ever asked the question’ “Who do you say that I am?”

Critical thinking?  Pasting here from the “ site.

Critical Thinking as Defined by the National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking, 1987
A statement by Michael Scriven & Richard Paul for the
{presented at the 8th Annual International Conference on Critical Thinking and Education Reform, Summer 1987}.

Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action. In its exemplary form, it is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

How about, just putting it ALL together.

Putting it ALL together!  A process which poor old Chris just wasn’t spiritually or intellectually up to.

We cannot imagine real perfection.  I try, but how can a bucket of warm spit, like me, get my mind around or even approach the concept.  Imagine a white room a billion miles across; up, down, across, high, wide, deep, etc.  Then imagine a spec of dust in that white room and that does not even to approach the perfection we are trying to imagine.

Isa 64:6 But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

The ancients knew what “filthy rags” were.   Put in modern day words, “filthy rags” means [=] “old USED Kotex.”

So, I am that speck of dust in that “billion mile” white room.  And to the perfection of the Creator, I am no better than “filthy rags,”  an “OLD USED Kotex.”  The best of us, of which I am the least, look to ABSOLUTE  [look up the definition] perfection, like an old used Kotex.  Pretty worthless!

But Perfection, has to have a component of goodness, patience, and mercy.  Almost, I say ALMOST, [almost,  because perfection has to balance goodness and mercy with justice and perfection] infinite patience, mercy, and goodness.

How does a modern day science “white room” deal with dirt?  How does the billion mile white room deal with that speck of dust [DIRT!]?  How does the infinitely perfect, deal with an “old used kotex.”

How does a parent deal with a very stubborn child?

The One Who is infinitely perfect asked Christopher Hitchins a question.   Now in all fairness, that infinite perfection gave us ALL the clues we need to answer His one question test.   Christopher was just ignorant and too stubborn to admit the obvious.

It Is A Test!  Life is a test, a one question test, and we have been given all the clues that anyone; anyone except a fool, [buffoon, clown, goof, DUPE, Christopher Hitchins] needs, to have the only answer that counts.

We have been given all the information we need, coupled with warnings about what happens when you just dismiss the obvious.

What happens when you can’t even correctly answer a very simple, one question text?

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I am a scientist.

I am a physicist, chemist, astronomer, biologist, mathematician, geologist, anthropologist, archaeologist, psychologist.   All those things, not because I have degrees in all of them, or even more than one.  I am a scientist because I get it.   And, I get it because I have read the ONLY Book that really counts.

It is OK if you have a PhD. in physics or psychology or chemistry, as long as you GET IT.   As long as you get the only thing that counts!

I have a friend who has a PhD. in chemistry who gets it, and another with a PhD in Psychology who also gets it.   But Stephen Hawking who obviously does NOT get it, is as dumb as a board.  And, I’d say without  ANY fear of contradiction that a HUGE [enormous, tremendous, any superlative you can tag] majority of the so-called intellectuals on this rock do not have a clue.  That is because IT is not about brainpower, or human wisdom, or mental achievement.  IT is about simplicity.   A simplicity which can be at the same time, so amazingly simple that a child can GET IT, and at the same so infinitely complex we may never see all of it in an eternity!

There are several definitions and explanations about the “unified field theory” which can be read on the internet.  One of the shortest and best I found was at the “ physics” site.  The unified field theory in physics is not necessarily a “theory of everything,”  but I chose the term, because I can say that for my purpose, the REAL unified field theory can explain everything.

From “” and Google!

” Question: What is Unified Field Theory?
Answer: Albert Einstein coined the term “Unified Field Theory,” which describes any attempt to unify the fundamental forces of physics between elementary particles into a single theoretical framework. Einstein spent the latter part of his life searching for such a unified field theory, but was unsuccessful.”

“But was unsuccessful.”

Maybe poor little ole Albert Einstein couldn’t explain everything, but I know something that can, and has, given us the explanation for—-everything!  The only problem is how many of us believe or understand the explanations.

I am sorry, I really am, because I am including myself in this category, but we human beings have to be somewhere  between a plastic spoon and an amoeba on the intelligence scale.  Dumb as  rocks, we are!

In my uber [I don’t find an umlaut here on my keyboard] liberal days I would see the bumper sticker saying; “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it” and I would scoff at the statement.   He didn’t say anything, I would say.   “Just a bunch of fairy tales and national legends favoring a bunch who claim to know,” Iwould say, after laughing at their ignorance.   After all I was in graduate school and a new age intellectual.  Pooh, I got it, more than any of them!

Well, as I said; dumb as rocks we are !!!!!!

A “unified field theory” of everything, especially the lies, is contained in 66 books written over a period of several thousand years, thousands of years ago.  And all you have to do is dig just a little, and when you dig just a little you  can find the answers for everything, especially the big lies of life.

The really big lies; like the ones I fell for when I was a new ager, come to us BECAUSE we are in the middle of a war zone.   That idea along with; “it is a test” has to be central to understanding.  Put another way; if TODAY, you cannot conceive of the FACT that you are in a war zone of unseen dimension and reality with beings who seem to us like supermen [well actually some of them are] trust me, some day you will be able to see that war zone for yourself.  Live, up-close, and personal, coming to a life near you.

If you can get the idea of an unseen battlefield [mostly unseen but sometimes impinging, as in the exact definition, upon our lives] and life as a test, you can begin to understand the Truth.

The new age, buddha, dinosaurs, pyramids, the code of hammurabi, ghosts, esp, scientology, Zeus, evolution, and on and on [because we are dumb as rocks] you name it, politics, greed, poverty, just whatever [!!!], can be explained.    Actually, I should say explained AND corrected.

I do have to say, that the “unified field theory OF EVERYTHING” probably will come to you only AFTER you understand [GET IT!] the two basic concepts of, warfare and a test.  That is probably the main reason that “intellectuals” [well not really] have such a hard time with the basics.  They cannot grasp the basis of our world: there is a war and IT IS A TEST.

Next, Fate Magazine.



I have tried to make the point earlier, that under a certain age [Lets say 40-50+] you probably are not able to comprehend this subject matter without a huge amount of input from folks older than you; probably much older than you, such as grandparents.

Newton Minnow, who was Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission about 50 years ago called TV a “vast wasteland,” and that was at a time when there were only 2, 3, or maybe 4 channels in the cities, not the 120+ available at any location worldwide through satellite receivers today.

There are quite a few studies over the past years which tell us, that for children growing up with too much TV, by the time they become teens, their brains just easily pour out of their ears when they tilt their heads.  OK,  that is not entirely true, but what research does show, is that by the time our kids have watched thousands of hours of TV, they do not have any brains left to pour out of their ears.  The “vast wasteland” of the 1960’s has now become the culture of the 21st century!

“Tis a gift to be simple.”

I listened to a fellow on radio last week who has been in dozens of countries in every part of the planet.  He talked about the many people he has seen who had nothing more than the sandals on their feet, the robe on their back, and maybe some water; who were smiling just the same, and basically happy.

And how many millions of folks are on the top tier of their nation [especially the top 8, so called world powers] who are miserable?  Miserable because they find that generally life is hard, or because they are sick, or just sick and tired, or because no matter what they have they still chase more, etc. etc.

And, how many of those people are miserable because they do not have a clue what is important?   Probably the huge majority of them.

Doctor Thomas Scott [1747-1821] wrote;  Man, in his best estate is altogether vanity—he is born, raises up a family, and dies.  These are his memoirs: all else is a cipher, or a blot, except he WALKS WITH GOD.— The page of history records the splendid actions  of the great and illustrious: the report of the day proclaims the wealth which some have accumulated and left behind, and of which they are gone to render an account: the instruments of the dead are often inscribed in pompous titles and flattering commendations:—but may it, with truth, be engraven on my tombstone, or whispered in the obscurest corner, ‘he walked with God, and was not, for God took him!’  and so far from envying their distinctions, not even Enoch’s privilege shall be anxiously desired; but as one expresses it,  “I’ll hail the sharpest pangs of death, Which break my way to God.” Doddridge–  We may observe that they, who begin young to walk with God, may expect to walk with Him long, comfortably and usefully: and the true Christians per- severance in holiness, through many a year, till God takes him, will best evince and illustrate that doctrine, which many oppose, and others pervert.— But walking with God requires no monkish celibacy and solitude: it well consists with the cares and comforts, and much consists in the conscientious performance of the duties, of social and relative life.–

“Tis a gift to be simple.”    !!!!!

And you, most of you, do not get it.  It could be funny, if it weren’t so eternally sad.

This does not mean you do not try to live well[?] .  “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”   But, the rich, the merely obsessed, the denier, attorneys!, generally are blind to what is really important.   And, science, and those without any God but themselves, are totally brain dead.

Life, the way you live it, is important.  But the fruits of your life, of lasting value, are few.  Simplicity is something to be enjoyed not dreaded.   A bologna [or baloney] sandwich is as important, if not more so, than a great steak.  Doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a good steak every now and then, but it does mean get your head straight around what is really important.

An older brother, a successful attorney [one of the few of the dozens I have known, worth more than a bucket of warm spit] for 40 years, used to discombobulate, bemuse, and bedevil his wife, a PhD of a nationally known family name, because as she once told me; he insisted on having beans at least once a week.  🙂   She didn’t get it.   But that was the way we were reared.  To her, and she actually told me this, beans were a sign of poverty.   He could have had, and did have many great steaks, but he didn’t care.  He has a simple mind and heart even though he is brilliant and complex.  He has been around presidents, been almost killed several times, had his name and photo in the paper, been in situations that books and movies have been written about, and he doesn’t care.  He is not impressed with himself.

Life is a test.  A very simple/complex, test.  Simplicity will get you through the one question, one answer, test, by the best and quickest route.  But of course, so few of us take that route.

Here is the truth, and as I sit here, the humor of the situation.  An 80 year old sharecroppers widow with an 8th grade education will be worth more to the final universe than a Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates or any President or King.   Now that is funny!  Funny, because Hawking and Gates and the POTUS exhaust themselves to focus on the wrong “things.”

As Dr. Scott, and so many others, have said; this life is nothing more than vanity.   The ONLY thing that really counts is simplicity.  Not just any simplicity, but a simplicity of faith, and how many folks get it?

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Who watches that stuff?

I cannot imagine being entertained by horror. To me it is like laughing at the WWII photos of the first Americans into Auswitch, or laughing at the scenes of the human aftermath of the recent earthquakes and tsunamis.

But, it is time to face the truth about the war we are living in the midst of.

We know the horror stories of popular “entertainment” based in part on real events.  And, of course, there are a lot of horror and science fiction movies based on folklore and rumors.  But, the fact is that the war going on around us makes the horror and sci-fi genres look more like the Muppets or Barney.

Can you imagine being an ant?  Can you imagine being an ant from an anthill on a playground populated by little boys?

We are as ants to these beings.  Not necessarily in size, but compared to the powers of the beings fighting around us, we might as well be ants.  And, compared to the treatment of the human creature by the evil side in this battleground, we really are like the ants little boys fry with a magnifying glass.

And, the world does not get it!

This nightmare is real, and it is all around us.  Not only is it all around us, it permeates our culture in ways most folks can’t begin to imagine.

But, like almost all other reality this also has it’s limits.

It is a fact, that compared to the evil we deal with, we are like the ants fried in the hot sun by little boys, or if you want, like beautiful butterflies with their wings being pulled off by young boys.

Atheists and other liberals complain and whine about “a loving God allowing such and such.”  But what they are too blind to understand is that the undeniable facts of life, a sometimes hard life, are greatly mitigated by reality. The reality is that this life is but a second out of eternity.  The blink of an eye.

If a speck of dust gets in your eye, it is an irritant.  It irritates, perhaps painfully, but a few blinks of the eye, and it can be gone.  Forgotten in the next few hours or days.  Washed away by tears [possibly appropriately] but GONE!

The reality, is that the injuries I suffered 40 years ago, which I have felt almost daily ever since, will not matter in 100 billion, trillion years.  So, in one sense the injuries we suffer are truly of no consequence; in one sense.

But, in another sense, the ONLY sense that matters, the injuries of 40 years ago were of eternal consequence and therefore valuable because they taught patience and compassion for others who are handicapped or crippled.

Life is difficult, it is hard, but this life is only a test, and a short one at that, especially when viewed through the proper perspective of eternity.

Life, when viewed with the proper perspective; a perspective which atheists and other liberals are incapable of understanding, or refuse, makes sense.  [Matter of fact this is the only perspective with which everything, EVERYTHING, MAKES SENSE!]  Not only does it make sense, but the injury received 40 years ago, seems more like the mosquito bite or the dust speck quickly forgotten.  How do you whine about the indigestion, or the broken fingernail, or the common cold of years ago, which are even meaningless to you today?

There was a book written a few years ago which had as a title: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” and in parentheses at the end of that  title was the ending “and it’s all small stuff.”   But when a loved one dies in your arms, as my father did mine, I understand very well that emotions and feelings must exist.  When you suffer real and intense pain from some accident, as I have, the pain will have to be there.   But, the perspective of eternity has to settle in eventually.

Eventually, probably sooner rather than later, the very real nightmare of battling or being buffeted [DEF; being pounded or hit repeatedly by storms or adversities] by an evil which is almost incomprehensible, an evil which delights in destroying humanity of any form by any means; will become just a dream of long ago, forgotten when viewed from the proper perspective of eternity.

Nobody would deny the nightmarish headlines of today.

“Groom jumps to death hours after ceremony.” or “man dies in black friday shopping and other shoppers just step over body” or “woman pepper sprays other black friday shoppers to get an upper hand” or “grandmother shot cooking Thanksgiving dinner” and on and on.  And those are basically a small group of a few hour’s headlines.  They don’t even deal with any horror greater than today’s greed and violence.

The greater violence in the world, the violence which has been coming against humanity for centuries seems to merit little notice because so few realize where it really comes from.

Next, Who created the nightmare?   The Unified Field Theory?

The BIG PICTURE?  First of all, the biggest problem is that most folks do not even realize that there is a BIG picture. If it isn’t American Idol or Basketball on the big screen at home, they generally do not care.  And no, that is not an over-generalization.  Listen to the conversations, easily heard on the street, in restaurants, in Walmart, at the mall, on the bus……….etc!

Even in places of focus, such as in a classroom on a college campus, or in a big business boardroom, or even in a church, we have no BIG PICTURE FOCUS!

“People” do not get it!   The world really does not get it!

In World War II the U.S. had around 19 million people actually in some kind of uniform.   Of course, almost the entire population was in some way involved in the effort, whether it was a war garden, or in manufacturing, or in just buying bonds, the nation was involved.

Today, we are in the greatest war in the history of the universe [probably the only war in the history of the universe], and how many folks even care.   Not many!   They don’t care because they do not know.

A WAR, with propaganda and double agents and disinformation campaigns and real casualties and real battles is going on and folks do not get it!   That is the true BIG picture, and you are one of the biggest the prizes and the target of the propaganda.

And why don’t you get it?

Because nobody is telling you?

But you have been told.   The best selling book in the history of the world has been focused on the battle for at least a thousand years.  And the battle doesn’t change so the book doesn’t need to change.

Now, to be honest, it isn’t much of a war, to our human way of thinking.   It is like Lichtenstein attacking China.  It reminds me of the famous picture with the ,mouse defiantly standing up to the Eagle swooping down.   SAME ATTITUDE — same result!

Even science is providing us with information about the battlefield for this war.   A new favored postulate is that we are in a universe of a multiple number of dimensions.   I recently read of a proposal of a universe with AT LEAST ELEVEN [11 !!!] dimensions.   In other words, even today’s scientist is seeing a universe where there can be a multitude of things going on around you that you cannot ever “see.”

Science is now at the point that Scriptures have told us about for thousands of years.

The Bible as Science, or History, or especially as Philosophy!  When the canon was first being penned [literally some form of “dictation”] the form of communication was the only practical and easily acceptable and understandable form of that time.  The story always was and continues to be  only understood by revelation.  You don’t get it because you can’t get it until it is given to you.  In other words, this is the time for another step in understanding to be given out to those willing to accept it.

A similar process can happen in warfare.  There may, or may not be,  tidbits of information released, or in the case of the losing side truth may never be given out, and  lies and disinformation may flow long after the outcome has been decided.  In the case of this war that we are a part of, the outcome was decided before the first battle, and the winning side gave out ALL of the information a long time ago, but loser has never stopped and will never stop the lies and disinformation until the battles stop.

Here are the facts.  We are in the middle of a war that modern science can only surmise or speculate about because it involves what we would call multi-dimensional beings of incredible power in our dimensions.  They are all beings not limited by our time and space.   We could probably say that this is a war which started; “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”   although that is probably simplistic.   The war started when the 4th most powerful being in the universe decided he was “all that” and rebelled against his King.  He took an army of rebels with him and ended up here on whatever this planet was before its present “form.”

ALL of the legends of the Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, Vikings, etc. !  All of the “gods” [small g] !  Giants, ghosts, aliens, pyramids, esp, even vampires, etc. etc……!    EVERYTHING, is involved in this war.  And this earth as it is in its present form is the stage set for the last battle of this war.

I think it is fascinating that the word “religion” only appears in the canon of Scripture  five times, and all those in the New Testament.  In my preceding 3 paragraphs, not once was the word “religion” used.  This is NOT about religion.  This is about science, history, philosophy maybe, psychology maybe, sociology maybe, anthropology maybe, BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION!  Religion is a man-made structure.

The BIG PICTURE is about a war.  A war around your head with unseen forces.  The Big Picture is about Old Worthless, ha-satan, lucifer, whatever you want to call the pip-squeak, thinking he is “all that” and fighting The King of the Universe, The Creator, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, THE Almighty. GOD!   IT IS NOT ABOUT “RELIGION!”

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