I have in just the last couple of weeks resumed writing for this ‘whatchamacallit’  🙂  OK we will call it correctly, this BLOG.

I do have a couple of other jobs, one part time and one full time.  Matter of fact I have lucked out in the full time job because some folks have been FORCED to work a couple of months now @ 14 days on 1 off 14 on.  It is killing others, especially since some of it has been 12 hour shifts.

But recently I have heard several scientific investigators, including PhD.’s, hitting all around the truth and I resolved to keep trying to find time to do this.

The several scientific radio programs I heard in the past few weeks were all about the multi-dimensionality of this universe.

The long and the short of everything is that most of the confusion about “Creation” can be dispelled by some scientific and historical knowledge.  You see, it is NOT about religion.  It is all about science and history.  It is ALL about reality.

Scientists are beginning to recognize something that “True believers”  have known for centuries, although the True Believers did not realize the science of their knowledge.  Current science accepts a universe of multiple dimensions beyond our 4 known dimensions of space and time.  The implications of this small fact coupled with other knowledge goes a long way to answering the fundamental questions of creation.

I was listening to a physicist a couple of weekends ago talking about a universe of 9 dimensions.  I had written previously that the new science I had heard was a universe of from 7 to 11 dimensions. 9 makes a lot of sense.

I am sorry, but I listen to a lot of folks like Richard Dawkins and I have to laugh at their lack of understanding of even the most simple concepts.

I was going back and forth on the comment ‘page’ of an internet news site a few weeks ago, and one of the atheists made a funny comment that he knew the Bible was a complex book too deep for me to understand.  That’s a hoot!

We all know the Bible does have a level where it may be complex, such as in the original languages.  I have studied and listened to some of the original language, it is fascinating, and I am sure that the original and continuing attempts at translation are complex.

But on the most important level, the message, there is NOTHING complex.  Maybe that is why some ‘True Believers seem “simple” to non-believers.

The MESSAGE of the Bible has been designed to be extremely simple, so simple a small child can get it.

On the other hand the Bible is so incredibly deep that brilliant men spend 30 years and still cannot get their brains fully wrapped around the totality of the depth.

Everything we need to know is there in the pages of the ancient book. As a matter of fact, it is also true [because of the simplicity of the message] that no one who has read the Bible, has any excuse for denial.

The current state of science brings the funny spot for the atheist to be in.  The atheist is actually depending on outdated and failed 19th century learning and thinking while I, or even better, the typical 88 year old Southern Baptist sharecroppers widow with a sixth grade education [for example] have grounded our beliefs with 20th and 21st Century science and knowledge.  That along with the implications of Gen 1:2 and real history confirms my belief.  If an atheist knew real shame they would be shamed by their lack of knowledge and understanding.

I wish folks had my background and experience.  I was thinking about the “thief on the cross” last night.  Just think, a lifetime possibly of doing everything wrong and in his last minutes of life, his heart took in the situation and he did the one thing that mattered.  Maybe literally 20 seconds out of a lifetime of twenty, thirty, maybe even fifty years of doing everything wrong.  I know the feeling.

“Abram believed in the Lord and it was counted to him for righteousness.”  What a deal!

The universe has multiple dimensions.  The folks we call angels, demons, gods, God, exist outside our “universe” and are able to come and go and interact with our reality.  The multiple dimensions coupled with the reality of Genesis 1:2 expose all of what we call “religion.”  The existence and works of God are beyond religion. This is about science and history.

I get so excited about this sometimes, I just smile because hardly anyone, but most especially the non-believer, has put it ALL together!

It is all there today, and nobody can have an excuse!

I think is is time for everyone to come into the 21st century!