I am a scientist.

I am a physicist, chemist, astronomer, biologist, mathematician, geologist, anthropologist, archaeologist, psychologist.   All those things, not because I have degrees in all of them, or even more than one.  I am a scientist because I get it.   And, I get it because I have read the ONLY Book that really counts.

It is OK if you have a PhD. in physics or psychology or chemistry, as long as you GET IT.   As long as you get the only thing that counts!

I have a friend who has a PhD. in chemistry who gets it, and another with a PhD in Psychology who also gets it.   But Stephen Hawking who obviously does NOT get it, is as dumb as a board.  And, I’d say without  ANY fear of contradiction that a HUGE [enormous, tremendous, any superlative you can tag] majority of the so-called intellectuals on this rock do not have a clue.  That is because IT is not about brainpower, or human wisdom, or mental achievement.  IT is about simplicity.   A simplicity which can be at the same time, so amazingly simple that a child can GET IT, and at the same so infinitely complex we may never see all of it in an eternity!

There are several definitions and explanations about the “unified field theory” which can be read on the internet.  One of the shortest and best I found was at the “about.com/ physics” site.  The unified field theory in physics is not necessarily a “theory of everything,”  but I chose the term, because I can say that for my purpose, the REAL unified field theory can explain everything.

From “about.com” and Google!

” Question: What is Unified Field Theory?
Answer: Albert Einstein coined the term “Unified Field Theory,” which describes any attempt to unify the fundamental forces of physics between elementary particles into a single theoretical framework. Einstein spent the latter part of his life searching for such a unified field theory, but was unsuccessful.”

“But was unsuccessful.”

Maybe poor little ole Albert Einstein couldn’t explain everything, but I know something that can, and has, given us the explanation for—-everything!  The only problem is how many of us believe or understand the explanations.

I am sorry, I really am, because I am including myself in this category, but we human beings have to be somewhere  between a plastic spoon and an amoeba on the intelligence scale.  Dumb as  rocks, we are!

In my uber [I don’t find an umlaut here on my keyboard] liberal days I would see the bumper sticker saying; “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it” and I would scoff at the statement.   He didn’t say anything, I would say.   “Just a bunch of fairy tales and national legends favoring a bunch who claim to know,” Iwould say, after laughing at their ignorance.   After all I was in graduate school and a new age intellectual.  Pooh, I got it, more than any of them!

Well, as I said; dumb as rocks we are !!!!!!

A “unified field theory” of everything, especially the lies, is contained in 66 books written over a period of several thousand years, thousands of years ago.  And all you have to do is dig just a little, and when you dig just a little you  can find the answers for everything, especially the big lies of life.

The really big lies; like the ones I fell for when I was a new ager, come to us BECAUSE we are in the middle of a war zone.   That idea along with; “it is a test” has to be central to understanding.  Put another way; if TODAY, you cannot conceive of the FACT that you are in a war zone of unseen dimension and reality with beings who seem to us like supermen [well actually some of them are] trust me, some day you will be able to see that war zone for yourself.  Live, up-close, and personal, coming to a life near you.

If you can get the idea of an unseen battlefield [mostly unseen but sometimes impinging, as in the exact definition, upon our lives] and life as a test, you can begin to understand the Truth.

The new age, buddha, dinosaurs, pyramids, the code of hammurabi, ghosts, esp, scientology, Zeus, evolution, and on and on [because we are dumb as rocks] you name it, politics, greed, poverty, just whatever [!!!], can be explained.    Actually, I should say explained AND corrected.

I do have to say, that the “unified field theory OF EVERYTHING” probably will come to you only AFTER you understand [GET IT!] the two basic concepts of, warfare and a test.  That is probably the main reason that “intellectuals” [well not really] have such a hard time with the basics.  They cannot grasp the basis of our world: there is a war and IT IS A TEST.

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