I have tried to make the point earlier, that under a certain age [Lets say 40-50+] you probably are not able to comprehend this subject matter without a huge amount of input from folks older than you; probably much older than you, such as grandparents.

Newton Minnow, who was Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission about 50 years ago called TV a “vast wasteland,” and that was at a time when there were only 2, 3, or maybe 4 channels in the cities, not the 120+ available at any location worldwide through satellite receivers today.

There are quite a few studies over the past years which tell us, that for children growing up with too much TV, by the time they become teens, their brains just easily pour out of their ears when they tilt their heads.  OK,  that is not entirely true, but what research does show, is that by the time our kids have watched thousands of hours of TV, they do not have any brains left to pour out of their ears.  The “vast wasteland” of the 1960’s has now become the culture of the 21st century!

“Tis a gift to be simple.”

I listened to a fellow on radio last week who has been in dozens of countries in every part of the planet.  He talked about the many people he has seen who had nothing more than the sandals on their feet, the robe on their back, and maybe some water; who were smiling just the same, and basically happy.

And how many millions of folks are on the top tier of their nation [especially the top 8, so called world powers] who are miserable?  Miserable because they find that generally life is hard, or because they are sick, or just sick and tired, or because no matter what they have they still chase more, etc. etc.

And, how many of those people are miserable because they do not have a clue what is important?   Probably the huge majority of them.

Doctor Thomas Scott [1747-1821] wrote;  Man, in his best estate is altogether vanity—he is born, raises up a family, and dies.  These are his memoirs: all else is a cipher, or a blot, except he WALKS WITH GOD.— The page of history records the splendid actions  of the great and illustrious: the report of the day proclaims the wealth which some have accumulated and left behind, and of which they are gone to render an account: the instruments of the dead are often inscribed in pompous titles and flattering commendations:—but may it, with truth, be engraven on my tombstone, or whispered in the obscurest corner, ‘he walked with God, and was not, for God took him!’  and so far from envying their distinctions, not even Enoch’s privilege shall be anxiously desired; but as one expresses it,  “I’ll hail the sharpest pangs of death, Which break my way to God.” Doddridge–  We may observe that they, who begin young to walk with God, may expect to walk with Him long, comfortably and usefully: and the true Christians per- severance in holiness, through many a year, till God takes him, will best evince and illustrate that doctrine, which many oppose, and others pervert.— But walking with God requires no monkish celibacy and solitude: it well consists with the cares and comforts, and much consists in the conscientious performance of the duties, of social and relative life.–

“Tis a gift to be simple.”    !!!!!

And you, most of you, do not get it.  It could be funny, if it weren’t so eternally sad.

This does not mean you do not try to live well[?] .  “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”   But, the rich, the merely obsessed, the denier, attorneys!, generally are blind to what is really important.   And, science, and those without any God but themselves, are totally brain dead.

Life, the way you live it, is important.  But the fruits of your life, of lasting value, are few.  Simplicity is something to be enjoyed not dreaded.   A bologna [or baloney] sandwich is as important, if not more so, than a great steak.  Doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a good steak every now and then, but it does mean get your head straight around what is really important.

An older brother, a successful attorney [one of the few of the dozens I have known, worth more than a bucket of warm spit] for 40 years, used to discombobulate, bemuse, and bedevil his wife, a PhD of a nationally known family name, because as she once told me; he insisted on having beans at least once a week.  🙂   She didn’t get it.   But that was the way we were reared.  To her, and she actually told me this, beans were a sign of poverty.   He could have had, and did have many great steaks, but he didn’t care.  He has a simple mind and heart even though he is brilliant and complex.  He has been around presidents, been almost killed several times, had his name and photo in the paper, been in situations that books and movies have been written about, and he doesn’t care.  He is not impressed with himself.

Life is a test.  A very simple/complex, test.  Simplicity will get you through the one question, one answer, test, by the best and quickest route.  But of course, so few of us take that route.

Here is the truth, and as I sit here, the humor of the situation.  An 80 year old sharecroppers widow with an 8th grade education will be worth more to the final universe than a Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates or any President or King.   Now that is funny!  Funny, because Hawking and Gates and the POTUS exhaust themselves to focus on the wrong “things.”

As Dr. Scott, and so many others, have said; this life is nothing more than vanity.   The ONLY thing that really counts is simplicity.  Not just any simplicity, but a simplicity of faith, and how many folks get it?

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