Who watches that stuff?

I cannot imagine being entertained by horror. To me it is like laughing at the WWII photos of the first Americans into Auswitch, or laughing at the scenes of the human aftermath of the recent earthquakes and tsunamis.

But, it is time to face the truth about the war we are living in the midst of.

We know the horror stories of popular “entertainment” based in part on real events.  And, of course, there are a lot of horror and science fiction movies based on folklore and rumors.  But, the fact is that the war going on around us makes the horror and sci-fi genres look more like the Muppets or Barney.

Can you imagine being an ant?  Can you imagine being an ant from an anthill on a playground populated by little boys?

We are as ants to these beings.  Not necessarily in size, but compared to the powers of the beings fighting around us, we might as well be ants.  And, compared to the treatment of the human creature by the evil side in this battleground, we really are like the ants little boys fry with a magnifying glass.

And, the world does not get it!

This nightmare is real, and it is all around us.  Not only is it all around us, it permeates our culture in ways most folks can’t begin to imagine.

But, like almost all other reality this also has it’s limits.

It is a fact, that compared to the evil we deal with, we are like the ants fried in the hot sun by little boys, or if you want, like beautiful butterflies with their wings being pulled off by young boys.

Atheists and other liberals complain and whine about “a loving God allowing such and such.”  But what they are too blind to understand is that the undeniable facts of life, a sometimes hard life, are greatly mitigated by reality. The reality is that this life is but a second out of eternity.  The blink of an eye.

If a speck of dust gets in your eye, it is an irritant.  It irritates, perhaps painfully, but a few blinks of the eye, and it can be gone.  Forgotten in the next few hours or days.  Washed away by tears [possibly appropriately] but GONE!

The reality, is that the injuries I suffered 40 years ago, which I have felt almost daily ever since, will not matter in 100 billion, trillion years.  So, in one sense the injuries we suffer are truly of no consequence; in one sense.

But, in another sense, the ONLY sense that matters, the injuries of 40 years ago were of eternal consequence and therefore valuable because they taught patience and compassion for others who are handicapped or crippled.

Life is difficult, it is hard, but this life is only a test, and a short one at that, especially when viewed through the proper perspective of eternity.

Life, when viewed with the proper perspective; a perspective which atheists and other liberals are incapable of understanding, or refuse, makes sense.  [Matter of fact this is the only perspective with which everything, EVERYTHING, MAKES SENSE!]  Not only does it make sense, but the injury received 40 years ago, seems more like the mosquito bite or the dust speck quickly forgotten.  How do you whine about the indigestion, or the broken fingernail, or the common cold of years ago, which are even meaningless to you today?

There was a book written a few years ago which had as a title: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” and in parentheses at the end of that  title was the ending “and it’s all small stuff.”   But when a loved one dies in your arms, as my father did mine, I understand very well that emotions and feelings must exist.  When you suffer real and intense pain from some accident, as I have, the pain will have to be there.   But, the perspective of eternity has to settle in eventually.

Eventually, probably sooner rather than later, the very real nightmare of battling or being buffeted [DEF; being pounded or hit repeatedly by storms or adversities] by an evil which is almost incomprehensible, an evil which delights in destroying humanity of any form by any means; will become just a dream of long ago, forgotten when viewed from the proper perspective of eternity.

Nobody would deny the nightmarish headlines of today.

“Groom jumps to death hours after ceremony.” or “man dies in black friday shopping and other shoppers just step over body” or “woman pepper sprays other black friday shoppers to get an upper hand” or “grandmother shot cooking Thanksgiving dinner” and on and on.  And those are basically a small group of a few hour’s headlines.  They don’t even deal with any horror greater than today’s greed and violence.

The greater violence in the world, the violence which has been coming against humanity for centuries seems to merit little notice because so few realize where it really comes from.

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