The BIG PICTURE?  First of all, the biggest problem is that most folks do not even realize that there is a BIG picture. If it isn’t American Idol or Basketball on the big screen at home, they generally do not care.  And no, that is not an over-generalization.  Listen to the conversations, easily heard on the street, in restaurants, in Walmart, at the mall, on the bus……….etc!

Even in places of focus, such as in a classroom on a college campus, or in a big business boardroom, or even in a church, we have no BIG PICTURE FOCUS!

“People” do not get it!   The world really does not get it!

In World War II the U.S. had around 19 million people actually in some kind of uniform.   Of course, almost the entire population was in some way involved in the effort, whether it was a war garden, or in manufacturing, or in just buying bonds, the nation was involved.

Today, we are in the greatest war in the history of the universe [probably the only war in the history of the universe], and how many folks even care.   Not many!   They don’t care because they do not know.

A WAR, with propaganda and double agents and disinformation campaigns and real casualties and real battles is going on and folks do not get it!   That is the true BIG picture, and you are one of the biggest the prizes and the target of the propaganda.

And why don’t you get it?

Because nobody is telling you?

But you have been told.   The best selling book in the history of the world has been focused on the battle for at least a thousand years.  And the battle doesn’t change so the book doesn’t need to change.

Now, to be honest, it isn’t much of a war, to our human way of thinking.   It is like Lichtenstein attacking China.  It reminds me of the famous picture with the ,mouse defiantly standing up to the Eagle swooping down.   SAME ATTITUDE — same result!

Even science is providing us with information about the battlefield for this war.   A new favored postulate is that we are in a universe of a multiple number of dimensions.   I recently read of a proposal of a universe with AT LEAST ELEVEN [11 !!!] dimensions.   In other words, even today’s scientist is seeing a universe where there can be a multitude of things going on around you that you cannot ever “see.”

Science is now at the point that Scriptures have told us about for thousands of years.

The Bible as Science, or History, or especially as Philosophy!  When the canon was first being penned [literally some form of “dictation”] the form of communication was the only practical and easily acceptable and understandable form of that time.  The story always was and continues to be  only understood by revelation.  You don’t get it because you can’t get it until it is given to you.  In other words, this is the time for another step in understanding to be given out to those willing to accept it.

A similar process can happen in warfare.  There may, or may not be,  tidbits of information released, or in the case of the losing side truth may never be given out, and  lies and disinformation may flow long after the outcome has been decided.  In the case of this war that we are a part of, the outcome was decided before the first battle, and the winning side gave out ALL of the information a long time ago, but loser has never stopped and will never stop the lies and disinformation until the battles stop.

Here are the facts.  We are in the middle of a war that modern science can only surmise or speculate about because it involves what we would call multi-dimensional beings of incredible power in our dimensions.  They are all beings not limited by our time and space.   We could probably say that this is a war which started; “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away”   although that is probably simplistic.   The war started when the 4th most powerful being in the universe decided he was “all that” and rebelled against his King.  He took an army of rebels with him and ended up here on whatever this planet was before its present “form.”

ALL of the legends of the Greeks, Romans, Mayans, Egyptians, Vikings, etc. !  All of the “gods” [small g] !  Giants, ghosts, aliens, pyramids, esp, even vampires, etc. etc……!    EVERYTHING, is involved in this war.  And this earth as it is in its present form is the stage set for the last battle of this war.

I think it is fascinating that the word “religion” only appears in the canon of Scripture  five times, and all those in the New Testament.  In my preceding 3 paragraphs, not once was the word “religion” used.  This is NOT about religion.  This is about science, history, philosophy maybe, psychology maybe, sociology maybe, anthropology maybe, BUT IT IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION!  Religion is a man-made structure.

The BIG PICTURE is about a war.  A war around your head with unseen forces.  The Big Picture is about Old Worthless, ha-satan, lucifer, whatever you want to call the pip-squeak, thinking he is “all that” and fighting The King of the Universe, The Creator, Adonai, Elohim, El Shaddai, THE Almighty. GOD!   IT IS NOT ABOUT “RELIGION!”

Next, a real nightmare on elm street!