I watched the first “Men In Black” movie this past weekend. Of course it is pretty close to pure hokum, but enjoyable fantasy, nevertheless.  That said, I have to say that unfortunately, it is based on a reality.

Another story, out of the mainstream and almost bland by today’s standards, the 1973 movie “The Exorcist,” is also based upon, but not an exact retelling of an actual event which was reported in 1949. Of course since we have a couple thousand years of reporting of such events we don’t need just the “one” for confirmation of the truth.

Imagination is a complex and funny thing. Not only can it fuel fantasy and dreams, but it can also be the basis for denial of reality. I guess it is an equal opportunity deceiver.

Reality!  It isn’t what most folks think it is!

For the time being, although I am seeing some vaguely perceptible signs that this is quickly changing, probably fewer than 1 person in 50,000 in the U.S.  has a clue about the whole story.  [And it is a story. HIStory!]   I’d bet fewer than 6,000 people have put everything together and have a relatively accurate picture of life.

Few “conservative Christians” get this, and almost no Liberal Christians get it.  New agers do not get it, so called “fundamentalists” are usually too limited in their focus to get the whole picture.  Although there is more hope for the so-called fundies, who are actually liberals, than there will be for the new agers, because the fundamentalists at least have some basis for the Truth.

The reason I say this will be rapidly changing, is because I have been hearing hints of understanding coming out of some radio talk shows.   I listened last week for a few hours to a man who is right on the nose in his understanding.  He may not be quite 100%, BUT NO human being can be 100%.  This is almost like advanced or theoretical physics.  We cannot totally understand as long as we are in these physical bodies, but like an Einstein we can get a flicker of a glimpse into reality.

Anyway, this man kept trying, for the stubborn and the braindead in his audience, to make the point that this is NOT ABOUT RELIGION.

It is about science.  It is about history.  It is about myth and fantasy.  But it is not about religion, because almost everything that we see of religion is a man-made structure and we’d better get past that.

As I have said before, I do not watch TV preachers.  [Unless I am forced to!]  It isn’t that I am against them 100%, but the few worth hearing are preaching to the choir.  Although the choir will eventually get this message, because this is not about religion, we need to start getting the clear message to all the other folks on this rock.

You are in the middle of a war zone!  There are shots whizzing past your head all the time.  How can you not get this?

OK, actually that isn’t quite a fair question.  It is more rhetorical, because you couldn’t actually see, or feel, or hear the battle around you because it isn’t physical.  It is in a dimension which  does not encroach upon [as in the Oxford Dict.] your territory or person.  It is still limited mostly to the other dimension.  Like blindness, this is something which you’d never know or understand unless somehow someone who knew what was going on let you in on it.

There is a great old Sci Fi movie, “Forbidden Planet” where the landing party has been attacked by something leaving physical destruction and death.  They of course, because of the physical destruction, set up their perimeter defenses.  When they are attacked, they begin shooting at “something” they don’t see, until one of the officers yells; “Skipper the damn thing’s invisible.”

Well folks; The damn thing’s invisible!

This isn’t about religion.  Forget religion!  This is about reality.  This is about warfare.  This is about beings from another dimension.  This is about Generals and armies, and  battles that have been taking place around our heads since before this was the world it is now!

Doggone it though, the only problem is that sometime in the future we will be personally and physically involved.

Like the theater one-sheets of the 1950’s used to advertise the monsters coming to get you; or the fact that you cannot escape from the “blob” or whatever terror, this war is coming to a planet REAL near you.  Well, of course it has been on the planet under you, for a very long time, but it about to get personal and bigger for those of us who get it.

This is not about religion.  Get that out of your head.  Religion is a man-made framework,  a structure for understanding a basic fact.  And that fact is that you are going to choose sides, like it or not.  Either accept the unconditional offer of the King of Kings who owns the whole kit and caboodle or take up with the little pip-squeak punk rebel.

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