By 2 or 3 witnesses a thing is established!


From my early 20’s until I was just over 40, I was extremely liberal.  I guess that would count as being almost totally intellectually and spiritually brain dead.  A fool in the most literal sense.

I was into the “new age.”  Of course, “new age” is a misnomer because it is actually an ancient idea.  Ancient, as in; “ye shall be as gods.”

But, my liberalism served a purpose.  It actually accorded me the opportunity to see and understand the basis for all lies.

“Ye shall be as gods.”  is about as good as it gets for explaining why we all [99.99%?] do some really stupid stuff like buy into the lies of liberalism in any form such as the “new age” or even the most liberal wacko deception of atheism.

Atheism reminds me of the knight in “Monty Python and The Holy Grail.”   A ridiculous character, a fool without legs or arms claiming it was “only a flesh wound.”   The atheist stands about 3 feet tall, and blind, with absolutely no support saying; “there ain’t no God.”  The same can be said for most forms of the new age and even liberalism itself; blind with no support.

Although I never bought into the foolishness of atheism, I mean how ignorant can you be, I did pretty easily accept an easy going, non-involved type of pantheism [Oxford…a tolerance of many gods] and the idea of the Bible as fairy tale.  Liberalism allows you to shut down all thinking functions  and be absolutely silly and immature like a child who only knows what children know.

I don’t remember from my child psychology courses, [after all they were in the last century :))] at which age children actually know that they are a separate entity/person, but when you think about it babies only know for certain; “I want.”   I want!  I want food!  I want to sleep!  I want this! OR I want that!   And most importantly; “Somebody better listen when I WANT!!!!

“I Want.”  That is the epitome of liberalism, but just as you have to eventually grow up more and more to become an adult and do the things that work [school, employment, life as a process, etc.] you have to grow up in understanding The Truth.

For several hours last night, I listened to a radio program featuring a guest who gets it.  With a background similar to mine, with the occult and the new age and probably other false religion, he is now focused on The Truth.  He is focused on what people need to know to be able to do “what works” and what will need to be done in the near future to save your life.  That is what this blog is about.

Atheism [an extreme of liberalism whether they know it or not] is so completely foolish [and I mean that in the most literal way] and intellectually bankrupt, the atheist will not have a chance to survive in the crisis ahead.  A crisis is coming at us like a pilotless [although it very definitely does have a pilot] transport carrying a mixture of bio-weapons and nuke warheads.  There is no escaping from what is coming.

In the future, probably sooner rather than later, [years rather than decades] every human on the planet is going to have to have, either no clue, or the only thing that works.

Conan Doyle’s literary fiction, Sherlock Holmes, had a quote which most aptly fits this situation that liberals, new agers, and atheists find themselves in.  “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth.”

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth.”

Now I will admit, that in some ways, the arrival at Truth takes some Holmesian tenacity and desire to know, but another great attribute is the ability to completely divorce yourself from the world and to be able to look at this planet as a non-resident observer who has been hanging around [probably invisibly] for a few hundred thousand years.  It helps to have been a non-involved eye-witness.  But most folks probably can’t fit into the paradigm!

By 2 or 3 witnesses, a thing is established.

Many of us have had one of those days when we have actually said to ourselves; “I wish I had stayed in bed.”  Some of us have at some point in our life when we have said to ourself; “I wish I had never been born!”  [Yeah,…]  But that cannot work here.  You are here and like it or not you WILL BE INVOLVED, sooner or later.

Like Holmes, we first of all have to eliminate the literally impossible.  [“Literal” from Oxford: usual, basic, free from exaggeration or distortion!]  It is literally, physically, historically, probably even scientifically impossible that there was no historic Jesus or who he said he was.  All the denial, wordsmithery :), smoke and mirrors, blindness, and obfuscation in the world only make one more foolish, and I mean that in the most literal sense when you can with a straight face deny The Christ!

The Christ, The Creator, A Being from another dimension, The ONLY life that ever counted on this planet, is as real as the atoms of your body, and as Real as It gets.  Matter of fact, He owns all the aforementioned.  Get over it!

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