What Is Truth?

We people are almost infinitely stupid! STUPID, as an adjective: Lacking intelligence; devoid of good sense or judgment. As a Noun; A person who is not very bright!!!!


We are all that! Look at the current news. TV, radio, print, wherever you look, full of foolishness, lies, dumb and dumberer! And the sad thing is that we know it, but almost always think it applies in greater measure to the other guy. It doesn’t.

My former friend from the previous blog, the one, who before friendship arrived, asked me out into the parking lot to settle our differences in a “lightweight” boxing match, believed he knew the truth.

That gentleman [which he was] was the typical old fashioned American and conservative.

That particular morning, in somehow discussing the history of our area and WWII, I just happened to mention the fact that our local oil companies were selling gasoline products to the same Nazis who were killing Americans while using our gasoline! That is truth, but it was too much for him. He became so angry that I would tell such a lie about America and homegrown, hometown, American business he was willing to settle my hash with his fists.

Of course I was correct. At least some, if not all, of the major oil companies did sell gasoline products to our nation’s enemies who then used the products to kill our sons during WWII.

A few weeks later that man very humbly apologized to me. He, being a very long time local businessman had friends in the oil business. To prove me wrong, or maybe to prove to himself that he was right, he asked a lifelong friend who had been working at a local refinery during WWII.

Yep! His friend told him, we would load the tankers here and they would sail to the coast off Brazil where they would offload the products onto German tankers. He was stunned!

He was stunned by the truth.

The point, the point I have been getting to all along, is this. People, all people who even care, and I’d bet most don’t, are far [very very far] from understanding what truth is. Most folk are absolutely clueless. And, when I use the words like “absolutely” maybe I should supply a definition. The word absolutely means, TOTALLY, COMPLETELY AND WITHOUT QUALIFICATION. I’d say infinitely clueless, but maybe that stretches it a mite. THE BIG LIE is so pervasive in our world, finding Truth is like finding a needle in a tanker loaded with grain.

Remember; “The universe is not only stranger than you believe, it is stranger than you can believe.” “Conceive” may fairly be inserted for the word “believe.”

I pointed out that my friend was a typical American conservative for a reason. I was at that time, a pretty extreme liberal. Later, after I grasped some [only some] of the truth I swung back to being conservative. I am not sure that I would place either label on myself today, because as it turns out, truth, THE Truth, probably really falls into neither camp. The Truth is so great that it may go into all sides of any issue.

THE Truth, the full truth, is in an area that we only approach gradually, piecemeal, as we can grasp it. And we cannot get any of it unless it is given to us.

Sometimes I just lean back in my chair and shake my head at the total ignorance of folks.

The new age. I was into that. The occult, urantia movement, “green” and fairly extreme environmentalism, I “appreciated.” Liberalism, to an extreme, I was into.

Conservatism. Political and social conservatism, I have also embraced.

Now I just lean back and smile, because now I’d shock some of my conservative friends.

I suppose that I have been “lucky” seeing both sides of so many coins. Maybe you have to see both sides of any coin to really be able to pick out the counterfeits. Think about that.

What is truth?

OK here it is.

2000 years ago a human being, greatly similar to me and the rest of the world, asked THE Truth; “What is truth?”, and he was standing looking at it! IT, THE Truth, was standing there looking back at Pontius Pilate and Pilate didn’t get it.

And, neither do we!

THE Truth, as I have learned, is that life and also the universe is not only stranger than I believed, it is stranger than I am [was?] capable of believing.

TRUTH, is not for liberal minds, nor is it for “conservative” minds. Although I have learned that “conservatives” are closer to an understanding of reality than those who would call themselves liberal, conservatives shouldn’t get too smug because they still have a long long road to reality. Boy, are many of them in for a real shock!

Life, real life, is putting it all together, and it is ultimately a test. But, the great thing about it is that the most important answers [pieces of the puzzle] are given to you.

Get this, and get it well. Liberal, conservative, rich, poor; THE Truth, The Creator, The One Who spoke and 7 septillion suns turned on [according to latest figures] The OWNER of every atom in the universe, is not impressed by me, or you.

But He does appreciate, heart, simplicity of heart, and, genuineness of heart.

My wife told me a couple of nights ago that in some ways I am like a child. And, she is right and I know it. A 60+ year old child with a modicum of intelligence, and a WHOLE LOTTA LIFE. Some of it hard. It’s not the years it’s the miles!

Get this! Without contradiction, THE Truth, The Christ, is the ONLY thing that has ever [EVER] mattered in this universe. “Kinda” hard to swallow isn’t it. Instead of current “pop psychology” we would all be much better off if we saw ourselves as we really are, “filthy rags.” Translation, an old used kotex!

Faith, simple faith, is belief, all other indications [look at the definitions of “indications” to see the real ‘medical’ application here] to the contrary, in the ONLY thing that matters.

IT IS A TEST! A test that the huge majority of folks do not even care about, and are failing.

Forget everything else. Forget the 60 [50—20, whatever] years of your life. Forget what you have done! Forget what you have accomplished! [Or in my case NOT!]

The only thing that matters. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS! Is your answer to a very simple question; “Who do you say that I am?”

Do you know how many folks do not even care about the question? This life is only 1 second out of infinity, and they don’t get it.

We are all,[ALL, 100%], born blind. and we don’t know it unless that information is given to us. The test is, what you do with that information.

“Who do you say that I am?” That is actually the beginning of a search for Truth. Your answer; THE CHRIST!, to that very basic question may get you the foundation of Truth, but there is a whole lot more. The Truth of that ONE SIMPLE LIFE, is THE cornerstone of understanding. A cornerstone is to build from and that is what I want to do.

NEXT; The Cornerstone.