I’m gonna vote Obama/Cain in 2012. I hope they win cause I am asceeered of the other guy.

I wish we had the ability to insert smiley faces here. Here is one any way 🙂 !

This is not going to be a political blog, NO!  For heavens sake, you cannot have a discussion of truth and talk politics.

Truth is, I do not care who wins in 2012, if there are even any elections in 2012 which I somewhat doubt anyway.

Although I am not totally unmindful of the coming national election cycle, and in my heart have some folks I would like to see as winners, I know it doesn’t matter.

It does not matter how I or anyone else votes because the outcome of every election has been determined long before the actual election process. REALLY long before!

Recently one of the presidential candidates [it does not matter which one] said something that was so accurate I do not believe he even understands how exactly he has described the totality of ALL political parties and candidacies, and indeed life.

The candidate made the statement that the members of the opposite party had been “brainwashed.”

What that particular candidate apparently does not realize, is that if you are above ground and still breathing on this planet, you are most likely in the huge [I’d bet 75 to 80 percent] majority of folks who do not have a clue about “life on earth.” They [75%-80%] have all been “brainwashed.”

I know about being brainwashed, blind, brain dead, deceived. Whatever you want to call it, I have been in one of those states for most of my 60+ years.  Therefore, I also know what it is like to see both sides of so many issues.

It is a great shock [a real slap in the face] to learn that for almost 60 previous years I did not have a clue about life.

Do you consider yourself to be liberal or conservative? Yes? [another smiley face 🙂 HERE !] You probably do not get it at all. Although I can say, having been extremely liberal during the mid 1/3 of my life, that liberals [social, economic, religious, whatever] are the most clueless of human beings.  BOY, they most clearly do not have a clue what works!

Conservatives, on average are not that much better off in what they think they know, than their liberal “opposites.”

THE truth is NOT an in-between happy medium between liberals and conservatives.

THE truth is AT THE SAME TIME BOTH more liberal and moire conservative than most of the human race can fathom.  Truth is actually outside human experience.

At one time, during the phase of my extreme liberalism, I almost got into a real fist fight over some issue. The fellow who told me; “We will settle this out in the parking lot!” was probably 15 years older than me [50+] and very conservative.

Later on as I became more mature, [liberals are very immature, looking at life with the outlook of children] and more conservative that man and I became friends.

BUT today, about 25 years later, I can look at reality and say to myself; “Dang, neither one of us got it!”

The phrase; “plausible deniability” is an interesting term.  Basically it is a legal sort of concept used in all sorts of situations but which seems to have its greatest usefulness in political, espionage, and courtroom circumstances.  Because I am trying to get to the root of the greatest “courtroom” situation in the universe, I wonder if this isn’t a good spot to mention, “plausible deniability.”

If it can be simply stated [?] “plausible deniability” means; being credibly able to deny a situation or knowledge of something, because basically you have been kept in the dark, and thus have no responsibility. 

Guess what, we do not have that option about life and THE TRUTH!

There is no plausible deniability about TRUTH!

Truth is there for anyone and everyone!

The problem is that we do not want to know what the real truth is, because it cramps “how I roll.”

We’d better get over it, because IT IS A TEST!  And it is NOT A GAME!

“What is truth?”   Probably among the top 10 dumbest things any human being ever said and not something you want to be remembered for in several thousand years!

“What is truth?”  You are looking at IT bub!  It is standing there right in front of your eyes!