On most Sundays I read the column of Leon Hale which appears in the Houston Chronicle.

Hale writes mostly a “folksy, down home” type of column with stories about sitting on his front porch in a country setting in rural Texas. He writes about “huntin dogs” and country roads and neighbors and old relatives and towns. And he has been doing this for over 50 years. Apparently he does it very well.

Every once in a while, maybe several times a month, I also read, George Will and Charles Krauthammer. If I remember correctly, both of them are Pulitzer prize winners. They both have astounding intellects and writing styles even though I do not necessarily agree with them.

I think Will is the more eloquent of the two, but they can both have profound insight and argument. I have never been a reader of poetry, but sometimes the “poetry” of common prose and common sense can have a greater impact on our emotions.

It used to be true, before TV or even radio, that the written word was the greatest way to communicate the best of knowledge.  The written word meant much more to ordinary folk than it means today.  A joke I have read in several places is that news and information pieces in today’s world are written in consideration of what a normal person can read in their typical visit to the bathroom.

At one time for a few years, I was a member of one of those on-line dating sites.  It was the type of place where, if you were brave, you could put a photo, along with info. on the movies and food you like and if you were really optimistic, where you wanted to go on your honeymoon.

For many of the dating sites you have to write a descriptive profile.  Most folks seem to write less than 10-15 lines and many say that is all they can think of.  That was never my problem.  My problem was shutting it down after only four or five paragraphs.

Perhaps for the beginning of this blog, and I am still only beginning, I should have written all of this first.  But, I did want to establish the fact, or at least attempt to establish the fact, that we all are very capable of having some form of intellectual, or emotional, or spiritual blindness.  I wanted to establish some feeling that I have been there, and I have come back from that point of my life.  Literally, “been there, done that.”   IN SPADES!  [Without question and beyond doubt, in case you have to look up the definition for “in spades.”]

I DO NOT watch TV preachers!  I do not watch them for the reason that too many of them do not have a clue what they are talking about.   My wife watches them a lot, and when she does, I just sit in the corner at the computer trying to ignore what is on TV.   But, one day one of her TV preachers said 1 thing [only 1] which did make some sense.  It was something to the effect that; ” the drunk and the reprobate appreciate salvation, because they know what they are being saved  from.” 

In the full light of truth, everything else looks dark and dingy and dirty.

Going back to the brilliance of Will or Krauthammer, they write about life in these U.S. mostly social issues and news and especially about politics.  They are observers and wordsmiths of their observations.

I have written a few things before from short press releases to 31,000 word booklets.  I have even been paid and praised by PhD’s and professionals for my writing.

But. I am not just an observer.  I write about things in which I have been involved, sometimes deeply involved.  My writing is the writing of a Leon hale sitting on the porch and watching the dogs or the Texas summers for sixty years.  Or, having been on the inside of extreme or liberal [sorry that is redundant] politics or religion.

My writing is not eloquent and I have to use spellcheck and my computer thesaurus a lot.  But, unfortunately I do know what I am talking about.  And, I know what I am talking about because it took me 30 years to screw up a life [or actually several lives] and 10 years to get the course corrected.

In the rehabilitation/bootcamp I was involved in, I had the inmates for about six weeks, several times a week.  I organized the course with movies and lectures to hammer the points in.  I do not have movies for this blog but I will hammer and hammer the true course the best I can.

What Is Truth?  A.D. 33?