When color TV first came out for the general public in the late 1950’s, it wasn’t too long before my mother had to have one. As I have said previously, we were certainly middle class [lower middle class] and in those days, a color TV was comparatively as expensive as a large flat screen is today.

But, my dad said he didn’t have any use for a color TV and actually said something to the effect that if God had wanted TV’s to be in color, He’d have had them come out that way in the first place.

After my mother saved the $500 [approximately] for the TV, she went out on her own and bought our first 21″ [round screen if you didn’t know] RCA color TV.

My dad took our old 19″ B&W portable and put it in his room to watch his TV.

For a while. Maybe about 2 months.

My father’s watching his ball games on his B&W didn’t last very long after he saw “Bonanza” in color.

Every week, without fail, we would have homemade hamburgers on Saturday night at the time the great TV Western, Bonanza was on the air. About 6 or 7 p.m. on Saturday, if I remember correctly. He saw the green grass and the blue sky, and pretty quickly [for him] without fanfare or admission of error stopped watching the B&W portable.

My point is that we can be stubborn, or unthinking, or unknowing, creatures about just almost anything.

Complex or simple, new or old, important or trivial, it doesn’t matter we can all be stubborn and unyielding even to our own detriment. I do it, and everybody does it to a greater or lesser extent on minor or even major issues.

When it is something minor, it is just a quirk, probably one we can live with and just irritate other friends and family. I do not like to walk in the rain. My wife enjoys a stroll in a drizzle or light shower. I don’t walk much.

But to refuse the major points of life becomes something more than trivial, becoming self-destructive, blindness or foolishness.

My last, “best friend” smoked, ate, and drank until it killed him. And that, knowing full well that those things would be the death of him.

Of my eclectic interests, I enjoy an internet site called, “Above Top Secret” which deals with a great range of subjects, scientific, military, historic, as well as occultic and supernatural.

Last week, one of the discussions was started by someone who claimed he didn’t believe we actually put astronauts on the moon. The “discussion” went back & forth and on and on for several days until finally the photos, videos and accounts from folks personally involved in the space program convinced the “poster” of the foolishness of his original lack of thinking.

If you deny and refuse the obvious until it kills you, because that is either what you want or worse refuse to acknowledge, well as I told a young man a few months ago; “That is a hell of a choice.” His reply was; “But it’s my choice.”

If you deny and refuse to believe something out of pure ignorance because no one has shown you the photos, or first hand accounts, or evidence which cannot be denied, THAT IS FIXABLE!

I intend to help fix some mistaken beliefs which have infected our lives.