Along came the “baby boomers” in the late forties going supposedly into the early sixties.  I am one of the older “models” being born at the end of the forties, late in life to a couple who were around 40 when I was born.  He, at 40, who had volunteered for the navy when he was probably too old to have been drafted to take an active part in our little unpleasantness with Germany and Japan.  And, she when she was 38 years old.

So I was born to folks of the “greatest generation.”   Folks who actually lived through a great war and had worked, if possible, through a great depression.

My father only went through business school which was basically a junior college.  My mother, born in 1910, only went to the 10th grade, because that is what they had in those days.

By the time I was 25 years old, in the early 70’s, making I’d guess, no more than $1000/mth. I had already passed my father in income although he had been working over 30 years for the State.  I passed him in income earnings but definitely not in “smarts.”

And yet, growing up, I never lacked for anything.

We always had 2 cars and my dad paid house notes, not rent, and was paying for 20 acres of land in the country.   When color TV came along and only folks my age would remember this, they were comparable to the cost of a large screen plasma or even 3D TV today.  At about $500 my mother decided she wanted one and saved extra for probably about 6  to  9 months and paid cash for it.  My dad didn’t use credit.

What does this have to do with garbage in – garbage out.  A lot, because something has changed, and it isn’t just inflation.

It once again is about doing what works.

It is about control and the wisdom to control.

My father drank 2 bottles of beer a year, one on the first day of baseball season and one on the first day of football season.  In his younger years my father smoked a couple of packs of cigarettes a day.  My mother told the story of watching him carry me out to the car one day with a cigarette in his mouth.  I started coughing and mother watched him throw the cigarette down and he never picked up another cigarette for the rest of his life.  That is control!

If you can’t or just don’t control your life, you can bet that someone or something else will.  The major problem with America today is that the people have abdicated the role of who or what controls their lives.

Hundreds of millions of Americans today have freely given the control of their lives over to things [like the TV] or substances [alcohol or drugs] or even to other people.  [like politicians, or “experts” or even TV preachers]

And, unthinking or uncaring, the American people are creating at least one shock headline per week.

During the mid one-third of my life I was extremely liberal both economically and socially.  But, obviously I didn’t grow up that way, I knew the difference.  Reared by members of the “greatest generation” something happened before I became an adult.  Things had begun to unravel in the 1950’s and 1960’s America.  What changed?

I have over the recent past paid attention to some of what Bill Cosby has said about the destruction within the black family and the state of the black male.  A lot of what Mr. Cosby says will apply just as much to all American families and ALL Americans.

When I was probably around 40 something minor happened and I said something like; “Oh hell.”  My mother who was in the room looked startled and said; “I’ve never heard you cuss.”  That was because she never had!  I respected my parents and unfortunately there were a lot of things I never had done around them.

Have you been in a Walmart or on a bus recently to hear what grown men [or pretending to be grown] are saying around small children.  And it matters not to them whether the children belong to someone else or not.

GARBAGE IN –GARBAGE OUT.   The example of our collective lives illustrate that we haven’t just dumbed down but we have become crude and vulgar.

And we wonder why, as if we don’t have any clues, children kill their parents, and parents kill their children.  We act surprised, as if anything surprises me any more, when a charity worker steals millions from a charity or because  several men in the last 10 years have stolen hundreds of millions or even Billions of dollars of other folks life savings.  When you destroy a life or many lives the punishment should fit the crime.

There have always been thieves, and killers, and trash, but this nation has fundamentally changed into one of the most corrupt on this earth.

We have forgotten what we are made of.