For almost 15 years, I was a card carrying, meeting attending, member of a New Age cult called the “Urantia Brotherhood.”  The name coming from the name of this planet, so-called “Urantia.”

Very similar to Mormonism, this group, which supposedly has a million followers worldwide, has a “new [written in the early third of the 20th Century] revelation” about the universe, and the “Gods” and man’s purpose and destiny.

This book of 2000 pages was supposed to be a  first “person” account from beings who have witnessed the entire history of the universe and the earth.   Included in the 2000 pages was also an explanation of the “evolution” of man, and the life and purpose of the man named Jesus Christ, whom they say just happened to be one of many of his “type.”

In a nutshell, the “good news” for me was that everyone, even those who were  rotten and worthless, would not have a worry, because I would actually have more chances to evolve toward “perfection,” with no worry about hell which doesn’t really exist or “punishment” which doesn’t really happen because after all; God IS love.  And satan and lucifer are real but not really much of a problem.

Boy, a really feel good story after all.

Also explained, was OUR ancestry, coming up from the swamps through controlled evolution, through a “lemur” stage and on up to prehistoric man.

Over a period of 15 years, I read the Urantia book many times over, sometimes for hours at a time, late into the night.

After all, when I began in the urantia Brotherhood, I was in my late 20’s and, into Graduate school, science and evolution and saving the planet, and since my early teen years into reading about the occult and new age.  Also, my mother had several close friends who were mormon and I had attended mormon summer camp in Utah.

It came as no surprise to me then, that advanced beings had to set the record straight with a new revelation.  Of course, I knew there had to be millions of planets of beings in different shapes and moods because I had seen all of the late night sci-fi movies and even, 2001.  And I knew instinctively that the “God of LOVE” wouldn’t punish us in hell before we had a chance to get it right through many paths and many trials, to Him.

And, of course, I had learned that since only the worst [like Hitler] won’t make it, eventually many of us will end up with roles in “management,” and universe building, etc.  That was for me!!!   That is almost like being a God.

I was kind of disappointed that since the “christs” are a particular type of created being who through many lifetimes are actually gaining experience in practicing to understand every aspect of life to be able to “run” a galaxy or some such portion of the universe, and I can’t quite get to their level.  But apparently “godship” isn’t quite what it is cracked up to be, since there are many thousands of “christs’ and, if I remember correctly, even 9 different manifestations of the original “father” God.

For 15 years, I attended local Urantia Brotherhood groups and even went to “Triennial” meetings, for the worldwide readers and members, in Chicago.  In the groups were all sorts of folk just like me, from doctors, PhD’s, scientists, engineers, professors and professional students, all the way to little old “hippies” and “new agers.”  All sitting around discussing the furthering of the revelation to others worldwide, drinking fruit juices and celestial seasoning teas since they were big in the membership, and singing Amazing Grace with tears in our eyes, and feeling that we just had to tell others that we knew something they didn’t.

15 years!  And all was very easy to me because I had grown up through Fate magazine and fortune telling, and mormonism and other “religions” and my good old science-fiction movies.

I remember thinking and talking with others about the fact that we were all very lucky and felt very “comfortable” knowing something the rest of the world didn’t know, yet.  Personally, I just assumed that there must be some special reason I was involved with Urantia.  As I learned later, that was correct, but not the way I thought then.

Later on, I had one of those head slapping events.  You know, the kind where you slap your forehead with, “WOW.” 

Well, actually I couldn’t slap my forehead and say wow, because someone said something to me that just kept repeating in my head and I didn’t want to let him know he had had, that effect.

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