We have seen Bill Murray relive the same day over and over in the movie, “Groundhog Day.” I’d say probably 30 to 50 repeats of the same day in the movie before he got it right..

Probably most of us have had times [sometimes seemingly endless] when every day is the same as the day before.

But I believe that life itself proves that this life is designed for some of us to live Murray’s “Groundhog Day.” The idea is that for many, life is a test, to be continued until, like Bill Murray, you figure out what works, and how to keep doing it.

This life has to function as a test, because it will be our only shot at “seeing” the puzzle and getting the pieces to fit together.

Boy, we are really blind! Blind to the obvious, and blind to what makes this life “work.”

I have had dozens of hours of psychology courses, and many “how to live” seminars and courses. But, one of the best such courses was a multi-part series by a psychologist named Gary Smalley, about the keys to happiness, or successful living.

One of Smalley’s keys, which comes from much research, was in giving, or service to others. True contentment can be found in giving, not taking. Much in that philosophy of course, runs contrary to the current culture. Another example of folks thinking they get life, without actually having a clue.

But, there are millions of “givers” from Mother Teresa to the “everyman” volunteer at the Christmas soup kitchen who still do not have a clue, what this life is really about.

Life is not just about giving, and it is not about being a “good” person.

Every year, I donate a shoebox filled with toys and personal items to be sent overseas as a Christmas gift for a child. A box filled with just a few dollars gifts. Lots of folks do that or something similar. My gesture may be meaningless in the real puzzle of life.

For most of the almost 7 billion people on this planet, life is what it is, nothing more or even a great deal less. That is because most of the 7 billion folks are totally blind.

I have been blind. Morally and emotionally, I have lived in many ways similar to the Bill Murray character. I lived totally without a clue, a scoundrel and a jerk. My life was a seemingly interminable battle of status quo, versus 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

Fortunately for me, from my mid twenties up my forties, I was involved in a new age cult. I say fortunately, because even though I was blind, I was at least in a process of searching for answers.

But, a SEARCH for answers may be as meaningless as a multiple choice test in which you get every answer wrong!

If you take a 100 question test with 50 true/false questions and 50 questions with 5 multiple choice possibilities, and you get only 50 of all the questions correct, you fail.

Better yet, if you have a test with 100 true/false questions and even with a 50/50 chance of picking the correct answer, you can still score only 50, you will fail the test.

That is life. It is a test. BUT, contrary to everything I once believed, I know now that it is a test with only one question. A “true/false” question with only one correct answer. Everything else is confusion, distraction, or even totally meaningless.

Your total existence in this universe depends on your understanding the question and knowing why there can be only one answer.

How few people even know about this test or the correct answer. Even fewer still, understand the story of the test or the false versions being thrown out to confuse.

Next I will start explaining how you take this test. The test of your life.