In my last blog; “If You Were Born Blind,” I started from an obvious, but little thought of, physical fact. It is possible, within a framework of certain circumstances and controls, that you could be born physically blind, and grow up completely unaware of your handicap.

It is only because I was born with 20/10, or near perfect vision, that I now know how poor my vision has become in these 60 years.

My father had poor vision all his life, but when it deteriorated into his being “legally blind,” he lost his will to live. An example of what “blindness” can do to you. If I had been born with his eyesight, I would not have know the difference of “perfect sight.”

The occasion I described of inmates laughing at a movie featuring an old couple being roughed up and robbed is one example of men being spiritually and morally blind and therefore handicapped in every aspect of their life.

Many of those men had never been taught in their life, there is something wrong in laughing because some thugs are brutalizing an old couple. The inmates were morally and therefore spiritually blind.

If a parent tells a child; “don’t touch that fire because it will hurt you,” the child probably won’t touch the fire. BUT, you cannot have true understanding until you touch the fire.

Real understanding can be life changing or better yet life giving!

For one simple example, if we can open the eyes of men, already in the correctional system, who laughed at an old couple’s plight, we can literally save lives.

I know it is possible to change, and therefore save lives, because I have experienced that change myself, and I have seen it happen in the lives of others. Some of the inmates in my rehabilitation course claim that they changed the course of their lives because of what they learned about life through the course.

This is not a blog for jail inmates. It is a blog for accountants and Walmart associates; for librarians and bookworms; and most especially for all those who “believe” they “see.”

Lawyers and scientists come to mind as people who should have or at least have a claim to being among the most educated among us.
But, time and again, they show themselves to be among the most clueless.

This is also a blog for folks under 50. If you are 20, you probably have absolutely no [zero, zip, nada] understanding of life. I know I didn’t even start to begin to get it until I was almost 40.

I would call this a fundamental concept of life. DO YOU GET IT?

Do you understand what this life is about?

If you are blind, and the huge majority of humanity just goes on in their blindness, day by day throughout life, you stumble along, never really “seeing” what this life is about. As a matter of fact, since most others are also blind, they may think you have it all “together” while you are living life with no more understanding than the child who has never touched the stove, or the inmates laughing at the misfortune of others. You may have what others think is “greatness” and be failing at life.

“When the blind lead the blind, they may both fall into the pit.”

Are you blind? I’d bet that you are.

Does blindness affect all types of folks. Yes, everyone!!!

Are you willing to have your eyes opened? That doesn’t entirely depend upon you, but a willing heart helps. I know that even with a “willing: heart, it still took me about 15 years to really get it.

I will start next, explaining what we do not know.