If you were born blind, would you know it?

Actually it isn’t a silly question.

I used to show the movie, “The Miracle Worker”  to the inmates in the rehabilitation class.  We would watch the original, with Bancroft and Duke,  I haven’t seen the remake.

Many of the inmates, most of whom probably would have never watched such a movie without a theater surrounded by barbed wire, seemed to really be touched and actually enjoyed it.

When I started showing movies in my class I often thought  about another movie I had watched with another group of inmates, before I began teaching them myself.  But, I had only watched about 2 minutes of that other movie before turning away in disgust.

One evening, early in my experience in corrections, while I was working in a minimum security trusty dorm filled with about sixty kitchen trustys, I was sitting at the officers desk while a large group [probably about 20-25] of the day shift group watched a movie on a VCR.  That TV [there were 2 in the dorms] was situated on a table just barely out of view of the officers desk.

Whatever the inmates were watching, it must have been a great comedy because the inmates were cracking up and laughing loudly.

I decided to watch the high comedy so I got up and walked around to the front of my desk.

What I saw, was a scene of a robbery.  A robbery where two young blacks were pistol whipping an older oriental couple who apparently owned a small grocery.  I stood there for only a couple of minutes just looking at the screen and looking at their reactions before I walked off.

I cannot forget the scene of grown men laughing at two old people being robbed and roughed up.

Read the papers, watch the news, get on the net, our country must be full of such people  who see humor in the horror around them.  In the last few days, there was a story out of southeast Texas about a young police officer killed in a chase of a man who had just beaten up and threatened his mother AND GRANDMOTHER!  I’d bet a lot of money [if I were a betting man] there were folks cheering the death of the officer, unconcerned about the rest of the story.

If you were born blind, would you know it?

If you were born blind, would you know it? 

If you would find something funny about an old oriental couple being pistol whipped in the robbery of their store then you are probably part of the problem and blind also; spiritually and morally blind.

The career  criminal is a perfect example of someone born blind.  Certain classes of folk are blind unless their blindness is pointed out to them.  You have to ask them, as I did at the beginning of the course; “Does this look like you have been doing what works?”  And still, very few of them will ever get it.

At this point in time I think we should poll the entire country: “Does this look like you have been doing what works?”

But the truth is, that most folks are blind, in one way or another.  They cannot see what is right in front of their eyes.  And there is a reason for that, which I will get to later.

If you were born blind to a great psychologist, and he decided, along with his M.D. wife to conduct a great experiment would you know it?  If you were reared [the proper term] in such a controlled environment to never find that you were handicapped by blindness would you know it?

The answer, within a perfectly controlled text, has to be that you would not know you were blind.  No matter what, it could be possible you could grow up to whatever age the experiment ended, without UNDERSTANDING your handicap!

Everyone is born blind to a certain extent.

A great line from a favorite, The Lion In Winter, goes something like this.   We are the killers, dead bodies rot in the fields because the living one’s are rotten.

The living ones are rotten!

You and were born blind!   We may not laugh at an older couple being robbed and beaten, but the fine tuning of a real life requires a very keen sight!

Unless someone gives us sight we will always be blind.  The truth is the only thing which can give you intellectual and spiritual sight.  And most of us refuse to accept the truth.

I am, once again, going to try to help folks see what is hidden from them BUT right there in plain sight.