During the late 1990’s, I  spent a little over four years teaching [or trying to teach] inmates in a rehabilitation program in a County Jail “Bootcamp.” My particular classes were focused on “interpersonal and family relationships” and “living out in the world.”

Inmates are like most folk, in that they universally believe that they are smarter than most other people and know what they are doing.

Isn’t that true of most people?

You, we, all of us, think we know what we are doing in most day to day living.

Whether you are a teacher or a truck driver, a physicist or a house painter, you generally think you  know what you are doing to respond and handle the daily actions of life.  And, many times for the other occasions we depend upon others who also think they know what they are doing.

My classes, fifteen to twenty inmates at a time, were usually in one corner of a minimum security dorm.  Although within the program we did have some medium security inmates.

One of the first things I would try to get through to the inmates was that we were trying to teach them to make it in life by doing what works.

In the first session, I would point to the metal bunks and to the “public” bathroom and shower area, and to the fence outside topped with barbed wire, and ask them if that all looked like they had been doing, “what works.”

“Does this look like you have been doing, “what works?  You have to ask my permission to go to the bathroom at night, or to go outside to the rec-yard for a smoke, and you are surrounded by guards and a fence topped with barbed wire. ”

BUT, there is a huge majority of everyone who goes through “the system” who will spend a large chunk of their life [maybe most or all] knowing, they are much smarter than the rest of the folks who never step one foot inside a jail.   They actually believe that, because they are blind, intellectually, emotionally, and morally.

The hundreds of thousands, or even millions of inmates are obviously wrong!  Their lives are wasted by years, even lifetimes of being wrong.   Their lives do not work, because they have bought into a big lie.  Their entire life is probably  one big lie.

I was deceived.  I have bought into so many lies and wasted so much time.  Much of my life was spent doing the things that do not work. 

But, I have discovered that “the lie” which comes in many forms has become the most pervasive fact in our civilization.

If you are under thirty, you almost certainly, will not get this.

If you are over sixty, or possibly even fifty, you have a chance to remember life before, “the lie” actually took control.

“The Lie,” isn’t a new thing.  As a matter of fact, it has been around in one manifestation or another, for thousands of years.

Today, “the lie” isn’t just found in the jailhouse, it can be found in the schoolhouse, the courthouse, the statehouse, and even in the house of God.

But most importantly, the lie will probably be found in your house.

“Do What Works” 

Does it look like we are doing “what works” today?  Do you read the headlines, especially the headlines of the alternative media on the internet?

I enjoy a movie from 1999 called; “Blast From the Past.”  The Internet Movie Database describes it as a “romantic comedy about a naive man who comes out into the world.”    No it isn’t!  It is a movie about a man reared properly in the manner to really live a life that works, who is suddenly thrust into the sewer of “modern” life.

The beauty of the movie is that it presents two images.  One image is a snapshot of the way “we” were.  An image very close to the one I was reared in during the 50’s and early 60’s.  The other image is a panorama of what “we” have become or rather what we have allowed life to become.

I empathize very closely with “Blast From the Past.”

If you can watch the images from that movie, a way of life as it was, with mistakes but certainly and clearly, cleaner and better than the world of today, and say that we are totally better off today then you have certainly bought the BIG LIE.  You have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker and it is going to be your end.

You are a prisoner of “the lie” no less than the inmates who also spend their lives as a prisoner of deception.  If you believe the huge pervasive lies of today, you are most certainly, intellectually and spiritually blind.

In the future I am going to try to expose the big lie in a few of the most deadly manifestations and how to get away from them.